In the field
The real-time strategic definition is pretty close to WARTILE , there are no bases to build, resources to be collected and armies to recruit, in short, it has nothing to share with the various Age of Empires , StarCraft or WarCraft. One of the most successful elements is the environments in which the clashes are taking place, both for their aesthetic realization, all designed to recreate as much as possible a large boardwalk as well as to the many strategic implications inside. The
maps are divided into hexes, and the first thing that strikes the eye is their sharp verticality, which guarantees a variety of approaches to the battle, with continual attempts to shift to gain the highest position and thus have a bonus in body. Not only because scenarios are divided into open spaces, where they play cunning to encircle the enemy, and in more closed
spaces, where the boxes are arranged in an Indian row and thus allow you to block the road to enemy chips, attacking them closely with a warrior with a shield and taking advantage of the distance of a launcher from distance: knowing how to handle the strengths and weaknesses of the party is the key to having the best during the battles, just a few clicks to see their pieces end – literally – in a thousand pieces. There are also missing bridges to be activated, towers from which the archers jump the archers, crawling and clumsy, all elements that force a reasoned approach, because inWARTILE strategy c
ounts and moving thumbs without having a plan in mind equals to be defeated within minutes. The game is difficult and punitive; at first it is a bit spiesy in front of the dynamic of the action – also because of the few explanations – the moves must be taken with quick reasoning and in this sense it is crucial to manage the cooldowns of the pawns, a variable that you always take into account not to start with a heavy d
isadvantage at face-to-face, and that is displayed at the foot of the miniature along with a red circle that identifies the life points. The tactic of clashes is also expanded by the use of cards, resources to be used with parsimony as limited by action points, cumulative if eliminating enemy units. In the deck are enclosed both standard abilities, such as caring for their characters or buffs at the attack or defense,
Unfortunately there is some clutter, and it is also quite annoying, like the management of the camera that “encapsulates” often and willingly or prevents adequate viewing in the highest places, as it has sometimes been difficult to quickly drag the required paper during the action, or because it disappeared in the scenery or because it lacked a few centimeters of the character to which it was directed.
WARTILE’s long journey to the world of EARLY ACCESS has just begun, and despite being a bit crippled , the use of the fourth incarnation of the Unreal Engine guarantees a more satisfying look and no details that embellish the coasts Scandinavian or snowy passages.
It is not, however, because of the twisted effects that WARTILE remains imprinted on, as for a highly anticipated artistic direction , thanks to which the miniatures seem to jump out of the screen and get ahead of us, but above all, the dioramas really appear to be created and painted by the hand of an artist.