Walking in time

If the formula to slavishly reproduce the events of the manga on the screen worked beautifully with the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series , Dragon Ball had for years been that you could not find a satisfying recipe capable of putting together an interesting narration, wide settings and above all a quality combat system.


The most famous creature of Akira Toriyama has experienced an impasse videoludica that actually has been felt only partially, thanks to the incredible power of the most famous shonen in the world to still attract players of all ages for the sole fact of being able to dress the cloths of Goku and company and perform in a devastating Kamehameha.


Paradoxically, it was necessary to put back one of the most appreciated stories ever to be able to draw new strength: with the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series in fact, the guys of Dimps have made us go back in time to relive the most important events of the saga under a new light. 


The idea was more than good, but the realization a bit ‘sour both in terms of the combat system, both when it concerns the management of the game world and its activities.


We anticipate immediately that with Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 the Japanese software house has taken advantage of the many criticisms made in recent years, managing to fill most of the gaps in the first chapter, but unfortunately leaving some unresolved.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 improves the first chapter from all points of view


Like all the sequels that respect each other, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 also follows the winning formula of the first chapter proceeding on the path of a different approach to narration and in some ways original to the story told already dozens of times in all sauces


. Two years have passed since Demigra’s defeat, but a new evil duo is using his own stratagem by manipulating the timelines, this time helped by other characters from the Dragon Ball features including Tarles and Slag.

Walking in time
Walking in time

As members of the Time Patrol, we will again face a dangerous threat that modifies the most important events of the past to destroy the present of peace and serenity reached by the inhabitants of Conton City, the new city that acts as the hub of the game.


What would have happened if Radish had managed to dodge the Makankosappo of Piccolo at the last moment and Goku had sacrificed himself in vain? And if Nappa and Vegeta turned into apes had destroyed the Earth?


To answer these questions we have to play the role of a character of our own created from scratch through the editor before starting the game.


The parameters to choose from are very similar to those of the first Xenoverse, with five races available that differ for types of skills and statistics: the small and resilient Earth, the powerful Saiyan with their many transformations, the Nameccans, the aliens of Freezer’s line and the soft Majin.


There are also different aesthetic personalizations to give more character to your virtual alter ego such as the hairstyle, the color of the skin and of the clothes, some somatic features and a handful of accessories; just a few more options than the previous chapter, but nothing more.


There is also the possibility of transferring the data of the previous character but will not take part in the adventure but will limit itself to some fleeting appearance in the company of Trunks, taking on the role of the great hero that everyone adores and to whom a statue was also dedicated holographic in the city center.


The progression of the story is entrusted to the old Kaioh who from time to time together with the Kaiohshin of Time will send us in a different era to face one or more enemies to be defeated.The missions are all made up of several acts, each of which coincides with important changes in the scenario of the meeting. A one-on-one fight can quickly turn into a brawling brawl if the other members of the Geniew Team join Jeeth and Guldo, or a complete change of setting may occur as in the case of the battle against Freeza in which the planet Namecc is devastated our eyes.


All scenes are carefully reproduced and highly evocative, inevitably bringing back fans to the manga tables or images of the anime from which the sequence is inspired. Despite this, participating in the action in the guise of a new mysterious warrior who comes from the future to help the eminent protagonists remains highly intriguing, even if in the end many events overlap with what has already been seen in the first Xenoverse.