Vyacheslav Makarov, World of Tanks Product Director, intends to create a party and take part in the State Duma elections

According to the publication “Kommersant“, Product director World of tanks the company Wargaming Vyacheslav Makarov wants to create a party to participate in the regional elections of 2023 and then in the parliamentary of 2023.

To the organizing committee “Direct democracy parties”In addition to him will include the director of the Eurasian Communication Center Alexey Pilko, deputy head of the legal service “Yandex moneyBoris ChigidinCEO Unwired Devices Oleg Artamonov and former producerLive Journal“, Co-owner of the company GR-Consulting S.r.l (San Marino) Timofey Shevyakov.

According to Makarov, voting for members of the movement will be carried out through a mobile application based on Blockchain technology. To create the latter, he intends to spend a million doolars.

Developers from leading regional IT companies will initially be invited to the party.

“In many regions, IT companies are the largest taxpayers and are well aware of local issues,” says Makarov.

The developer and owner of the game World of Tanks is the Belarusian company Wargaming.Net, registered in Cyprus, where its headquarters is located. The company has offices in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, the USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland and Australia.

According to the newspaper’s source who wanted to remain anonymous, Wargaming “has long ceased to be just a game developer and she definitely doesn’t need advertising. According to a man versed in the Russian gaming industry, the company actively participates as a sponsor in many patriotic events in Russia and Belarus and “has an influence that goes far beyond the IT sphere.”

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