Tyranny of other role-playing games is different in that the initial position of the character here – evil. Although, of course, after the first couple of hours in the “Tyranny” begin to wonder what the hell all the empire of the Lord Kairos dubbed the universal evil?

Yes, Kairos excitable and loves to wash their enemies into powder by a terrible magic. Yes, his army captured half the world. But in the occupied lands Kairos sets more or less sensible laws that will not allow impale every second, and in general – his empire actually thriving.

And the enemies at Kairos – people circle – not to represent the good. Sign a peace treaty, and then treacherously break it? Easily! Year to sit in a fortress rather than go out and solve the problem of the whole country? If otherwise you can! Looting and robbing villagers of their own, bringing the past to starvation? Of course yes, what kind of stupid questions. In short, at a certain point I asked a serious question – who’s hell, the evil it?

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But from the beginning you are persuaded that the evil here – it is you. Because it is you came to destroy the traditional way of life of the people. You want to subjugate their will. Even at the character creation screen you will be reminded of the murderous nature of your protagonist.

Create a hero, by the way, it takes a lot of time, but the process itself in the “Tyranny” is very simple. Here, for example, in principle, have no choice race – almost all residents Terratusa ordinary people. But you can choose a class hero’s back story, as well as to point out that your protégé has already done in stages. But keep in mind – the game will remember all that you have chosen, and the consequences of their decisions, you are sure to encounter.

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Setting our hero is simple – to deliver a scroll with the Edict two generals Kairos, which for a long time can not deal with the rebels in the conquered lands. The edict says the following: “Or you capture that territory – or it is not at all alive.” As a result, you have to help the two constantly conflicting armies break the rebels in order to save at least his own skin. Do not look at what you have appeared above his head timer. The first act is essentially a warm-up, it will fill up only if you specifically to this work.

Fight in “Tyranny” will have a lot and often, but not as often as you talk. Boevki – is the main thing that unites the game with the Pillars of Eternity (well, with the Dragon of Age: Origins , if you will – are in active pause), though not without some changes.

But the fundamentals of the usual – tanks “tank”, healers treat, and magicians roll their enemies in the concrete thermonuclear strike his unkind magic. Of course, this is if your mage properly pumped and do not hesitate to learn new spells. If the wizard you lazy – will have to fight in close combat, constantly risking a sword on the head and arrowknee face.

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Generally speaking, the magician of the “tyranny” – is like a bipedal tank “Mammoth”: quickly and efficiently destroy everything that moves. But for this it is necessary to develop – not an easy task. The main difficulty here is not so much in the pumping, but in what runewords your sorcerer knows. All spells in Tyranny has to create his own from scratch using the scrolls taken from the knowledge of magic.

Of course, first you throw fireballs up to a meter, and set fire to them will be able to unless the hem of the mantle of the enemy mage. But do not despair, the power of your wizard will grow. And it’s not only about the damage tsiferki – exploring the world, you will find more and more new words of power that will create a completely infernal lewdness. For example, a firestorm, which freezes enemies pile up. How do you? Lightning or a cone superimposed on your enemies and bleeding? The main thing – to the knowledge of all this enough, because some spells require that the magician was a true genius.