Spelunker Party!

Precisely the previous title of this saga, Spelunker World , serves as the basis to give life to Spelunker Party! , a title that despite its name has nothing to do with family games based on mini-games. Not at all. It is a 2D development platformer adventur


e that allows us to progress through a very simplified world map in the style enjoyed in other games with similar characteristics and in which we have more than a hundred different phases. A trip quite entertaining and that surely will delight lovers of this type of proposal, although we are not facing a magnificent title in any of its sections.


The story that gives rise to the adventure is as ñoña as forgettable. A meteorite falls into the world where the young Spelunkette lives , who is encouraged to investigate what happened. I said, a narrative burden as simple as trivial.

Explore in company

Fortunately, the gameplay behind Spelunker Party! has more chicha Our mission is to enter a large number of labyrinthine caves , especially those that we must explore from the second half of the game. And what do we have to do inside it? Well, simply find the exit, a task that is not at all simple, so do not be fooled by the infantile character that presents its graphic style because Spelunker Party! It is not a walk in the park precisely.


Spelunker Party!  analysis

It is possible to play with several different characters, all of them very friendly.

Each of the levels presents innumerable deadly dangers . And I say mortals because the slightest fault results in the death of the protagonist and the corresponding loss of one of their precious lives. Ghosts and specters, the classic lethal spikes, unexpected fal


ls and other obstacles and traps (including some other final boss) make it difficult for us to advance, to which several other inconveniences are added. One is the lack of air, being necessary to “refuel” in certain specific places of the sets to avoid falling round. And on the other hand, it is also necessary to obtain colored keys that allow us to gain access to areas that are sealed first.


Spelunker Party!  PC

Win notably in the company of other players

A very simple but very challenging gameplay that, in addition, is spiced by two very important aspects. The main one is the possibility of being able to face the complete adventure in the company of up to three more friends (two less than what was enj

oyed in the aforementioned Spelunker World) thanks to the online and offline multiplayer mode that this show also holds, a factor that from my point of view sight becomes its main attraction. Without it, nothing is the same and, in fact, it is impossible to obtain certain hidden objects without the collaboration of at least one traveling companion.


Spelunker Party!

Spelunker Party!  PC

As we use different objects, their attributes are enhanced.

The so-called Litho stones are spread across all the stages. And what happens if we collect them? Well, if we join all the pieces that make up each of these stones in full we will get a different item or complement. There are more than 200 of these objects and far f

rom acting as mere pieces of props, each of them provides us with an advantage such as more resistance, a greater range for our attacks, etc. It is even possible to go enjoying the company of some pets that, in addition, provide us with certain special skills!


A very simple game mechanic that, however, is able to provide good moments of fun … especially playing in the company of other players.

 An indispensable condition to get all the juice to a title that, yes, is losing freshness as the hours pass due to the invariability of their proposal. Something more diversity would not have hurt the development, but hey, in spite of that it is a pleasant title and that also has an estimable duration.


Technically Spelunker Party! It is a very simple game that gives everything in favor of sympathy … and little else. Designs and very basic modeling, minimalist animations and little recharged scenarios of elements is what this work offers us in this facet, something that fortunately does not entail any impairment for its gameplay. The sound maintains this same line, with sympathetic melodies and effects that fulfill their function.