Shortly after waking up the main character by the name of Rita joins the small group of survivors.

Actors: Steve finished pessimist – walking apathy with circles under his eyes, a smoldering cigarette in his mouth and an overwhelming desire to finish everything in the simplest way – to sit on the sand and die;

Engineer paranoid Teddy persistently prove to everyone that the crash had been rigged by the authorities for the sake of the experiment; married couple “forty” – George natured hard worker and strong-willed, but quite scandalous Madame Jolene;

Garrett – a stereotypical “gamer recluse”, which at first can not distinguish the harsh reality of the virtual world and are constantly complaining about the fact that life can not be saved or is pumping. Contingent, to put it mildly racy – where there heroes of Jules Verne.

Naturally, in such diverse musical company immediately arise strife. Some believe that the first thing to go in pursuit of wild boars who stole food, others insist that we should stay and guard the camp, and God bless him with sustenance. During a raging storm,

Steve says that it is better to find a new hiding place – a homemade tent will not stand. He opposes Garrett – better to wait than to take risks and go deep into the island in the middle of the night. Settle disputes have Rita, which is rapidly becoming the unofficial leader of the team.

Where to go, whom to support, how best to proceed in a given situation – every choice affects the development of the plot, and the ending, to which someone may not survive.

Trailer Dyscourse.

Every day spent on the island – it’s a couple of scenes in which we communicate with your buddy and explore the tiny location. Quest mechanics are very, very rudimentary – the focus shifted to the story and characters of the disclosure.

You do not have to drive the mouse around the screen in search of some gizmos that will help open the door, and in the dialogue there is not much depth – replica in worldly simple way to communicate any of us under these conditions. This, together with a healthy share of humor makes realistic conversations and such pathos, such as in some episodes of The Walking Dead.

Dyscourse heroes and let fall in an extreme situation, but it did not become martyrs Shakespeare (although sometimes, Steve is trying to die heroically, and during my first pass it is even able).

Before going to bed with your buddy you can talk on various topics. Interlocutors need to choose carefully – Torch fire only enough for three interviews.

You can chat with Garrett and find out what the mask is hiding complexed gamer kind, sympathetic and generous people, ready to sacrifice the most expensive (pocket prefix) for the sake of another.

Or, for example, to find out that at first glance the perfect marriage of George and Jolene is actually not so strong – even George begins to doubt that they are made for each other. However, these thoughts instantly overshadowed when his wife gets into trouble.

Review of Dyscourse.  Game Review - Image 3
Review of Dyscourse.  Game Review - Image 8

Dyscourse consists of just such fleeting touching moments that make the characters quickly become attached. And this makes another vital selection becomes doubly difficult.

Do you give last piece of bread Garrett, which could well become friends, or priberezhete it to Steve, the victim in the unequal struggle against the army coastal crabs?

Or maybe give rations Teddy, who has not eaten for several days and is unlikely to hold out until the next morning? Though he is a terrible kicker, but well versed in electronics and can fix the radio tower on the mountain top. Heavy?

Not that word! But will have to choose how and have to take responsibility for their decisions. Therefore, once you see the titles (the passage takes on the strength of one and a half hours), it will want to go back and start all over again – to learn how to be all over, you choose a different fate for the characters.

On Dyscourse should pay attention, if not because of the setting and a unique visual range, at least in order to be sure – do exciting interactive stories in our time can not only Telltale.