Tyranny: Bastard’s Wound, because evil can only grow

The mission was not 100% successful, unfortunately:Tyranny turned out to be a well-written, well-written RPG with various interesting hits, but failed to develop his ambitions to the full due to a simplification of his themes in the final phase and a sudden closure. 


Perhaps this is also why the sales of the stock have not reached the considerable figures of Pillars, yet Obsidian has not abandoned his little child and has indeed decided to expand it with an expansion called Bastard’s Wound, which comes in conjunction with a free upgrade to the basic game.

We have obviously played it, and today we are here to tell you if Tyranny has managed to make a quantum leap, or if this addition is nothing more than an uninspired “more of the same”.

Tyranny: Bastard's Wound, because evil can only grow


Bastard’s Wound is played the usual card of the “new zone”, reachable after reading a message conveniently inserted into the player’s inventory. Once the contents of the missive have been unveiled, you will have a new region, where the main attraction is nothing but a section of the “Oldwalls” – ancient ruins closely linked to the towers scattered around the game world – where a community formed by various factions it is stability to escape the attentions of the obscure lord, Kyros.


To you, as Kyros’ own agent, it will touch the ungrateful task of carrying out a survey on the spot and deciding the future of its inhabitants. Ordinary administration, if it were not that the expansion follows the same structure of the basic game: nothing is as it seems, the benevolent characters in the world of Tyranny are very few, and you will soon be forced to make tough choices that will change forever the balance of “Wound”, while trying to solve the mysteries.

Tyranny: Bastard's Wound, because evil can only grow

It’s not a new stuff, of course, because the new adventure is designed to be an advanced area: you’ll find high-end equipment, and an elaborate dungeon that follows the structure already seen in some subterranean areas of the basic game, but with a greater complexity linked to altars with multiple keys and teleportation platforms. For heaven’s sake, this is nothing revolutionary,

but it’s still a smart solution to offer an interesting mix of dialogues, unexpected situations and fights, able to keep the pace of progress at the same level as the advanced phases of the main campaign (which, we had also specified in the review, represent the culmination of the game, before the sudden interruption). So we talk about an area in general very well studied, which does not offer big steps forward to the formula, but does his work worthily giving some healthy hours of play more.

The strongest element of Bastard’s Wound after all is the interweaving of events and characters, which can once again be solved in more ways, provided you have enough statistics to dominate the conversations (which is quite easy if you face the whole thing at the end of the game) and to search every possible solution while wandering through the tunnels of the main dungeon.


The community that inhabits the new area is diversified, full of prominent figures and plagued by internal problems of not easy solution:in short, there is all the strength of Tyranny concentrated in a single series of quests, although it is appropriate to point out that you never reach the peaks of some of the choices made in the basic game. No improvement, however, from a technical or mechanical point of view; these are extra contents, which, as we have already said, have very little evolutionary charge.