Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark

High Moon Studios had been doing quite well in terms of video games with the Transformers series . The War of Cybertron and the Fall of Cybertron


are more than recommended action adventures designed for the fan of the huge robots that, in addition to exposing themselves quite well in visual terms, gave us a good dose of playable shots and mastodonic blows along with dizzying driving like all stalwart to the adventures of the Autobots could wish. Now Activision – editor of everything


related to Transformers – and Hasbro Games has granted the popular intellectual property to the smaller Austin Edge of Reality studio . Although neither on the title page norOn your website, the seal of this development appears. Maybe because of little pride …

They have been in charge of, among several collaborations, the remarkable Loadout , of joint works with Bioware for reissues, and console conversions that served them as first developments, with The Sims or Tony Hawk’s 2. But in their curriculum they also have the mediocre


The Incredible Hulk under the seal of Sega and of course Marvel, a production only acceptable that reminds a lot of this new Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark , absolutely commercial video game, bland within its category and of very moderate technical quality for PC, PS3, 360, PS4, One, Wii U … with similar graphic finish in all.

The vacuum and little interaction of the scenarios give rise to a very linear, predictable campaign with little variety.
The vacuum and little interaction of the scenarios give rise to a very linear, predictable campaign with little variety.

The transgenerational takes the commercial extreme in the worst sense in a game that is not even colorful in the machines that are fired, and that also has a different edition and adapted to Nintendo 3DS , a tactical game. Rise of the Dark Spark aims to satisfy again the good connoisseur of Transformers and who awaits with all their eagerness the new film of Michael Bay


this August, Transformers: The Age of Extinction . In fact, one of the best aspects of this video game lies in how he plots different stages of the whole Autobotsuniverse , past and what we will see in the new feature film, how he makes a dual disposition of the new and old eventsboth in Cybertron and in the Earth , in a parallel and well connected way.

Double hit of Optimus Prime

The two worlds are linked by the Dark Spark , a relic that has behind him Megatron and all his army of Decepticons , and that will lead


to one of the largest interdimensional wars between transformables that are remembered. Or at least that is the framework that tries to draw this video game that loses much of this epic in the first minutes and ends up being for the habitual player a linear and always predictable burst of shots, cakes and races in ships or vehicles that


say nothing already within a very old and trite genre. Or rather, a genre that here seems to be outdated and unthreaded. Rise of the Dark Spark does not innovate or risk in its category, apart from exposing itself technically well below what is required today.


Uninteresting scenarios and corridors, full of fog so as not to draw distances as soon as they open a little, empty in general and of similar architectural structure are happening all this camapaña of about 6 or 7 hours where the great attraction -and this yes- is power handle more than 40 different transformable characters , each with its peculiarities in base armament and vehicle.


We will not always be able to choose anyone, and ideas such as the choice of one or the other depending on the needs are here totally untapped. Nothing to do with LEGO games, for example, where you have to know which character is best for each environment puzzle


or enemy vulnerability. The majority of the stages impose on us with which Transformer to cross them, something also marked by the script.