Total War: Warhammer

It is not very risky to say that Total War: Warhammer is a dream come true for two parties, for their managers and for the fans of Creative Assembly and Total War. The English studio, one of the most distinguished in recent times in his community, carries

Homefront: The Revolution

Warhammer in his blood. His studio is next to a well-known shop of table games and figurines, where the work of


Games Workshop has the prominent place that usually has in this class of shops, and the studio itself has always been crowned by figures, expertly colored, sharing space in the hall with the prizes and covers that have been accumulating with their games throughout his career.

And since this dream came true, the team has not stopped a moment to demonstrate that they had something important in hand and that they were going to use all the means, tricks and resources for this title to become one of the most rounded of the line


Total War, a title that respected both the traditional lovers of the saga of strategic titles as the hardcore fans of Warhammer, that was a perfect fusion


of the values ​​that represent both names, something that we believe they have achieved with high note and different levels, from graphs and detail of units to what is related to the campaign, rules, strategy in the metamapa and ways to use tactics in the battlefield.

Total War: Warhammer (OSX) screenshot

The contenders for the future of the world

The main star is, undoubtedly the main campaign. We can do skirmishes to our liking if we want to mount personalized battles, or enter into the multiplayer, which is not usually the main focus of a Total War – although it has its fans – but it goes without saying


that it is in the campaign where all the meat has been put in the spit In it we find a huge and diverse map, which reflects the different regions of a very familiar map, with its tremendous contrasts: the mountainous areas of the


Dwarves -with mountains carved in the form of colossal skulls-, the sinister lands of Sylvania, the inhospitable regions from where the Chaos threatens the world or the arid deserts with mountains of pure metal where the green skins fight and die,

Our playable options by default are Empire, Dwarves, Vampire Counts and Green Skins. All start from a point of weakness, so that the player has to build their forces from the beginning, choosing a legendary figure for it with which to start building our forces.


For example, in the Empire we can start with Karl Franz, newly crowned emperor to the dissatisfaction of different factions within a very fragmented empire, where the different Counts have acquired so


much power and favor that they do not bow to the mandate of anyone despite be nominally members of the same entity. In the dwarves, the main figure is the Great King of the Dwarf Thorgrim, Custodian of Torts, willing to do everything to recover the splendor of Karaz-Ankor, while on the part of the green skins,

Total War: Warhammer (OSX) screenshot

The threat of Chaos and the mess with reservations

The fifth faction is liza is of course the Chaos, which is presented as an external non-playable force, a threat that every so often will devastate all lands and


become a threat to all. A good part of the controversy has been centered on them in recent months around this project, creating a sound discomfort in part of the community. The proposed Creative Assembly in question was based on the idea of ​​offering this faction for free only to those who had booked, and leave it as a DLC for others.


For companies the sales of the first days are very important, as well as having a high reserve index that alleviates their concerns about the success of the launch, but it is one thing to offer more or less interesting incentives to achieve this, and another very different thing is to offer something as important as a full faction to achieve this.


Many players do not like to book, and the fact is that Creative Assembly titles have a certain reputation for unpleasant beginnings in terms of bugs and problems of different types. In the end, before the many and continued complaints, the study reacted and


decided that it would offer this faction for free to those who bought the game the first week, calming a little bit and leaving more room to decide whether to jump from the beginning or not.