Torment Tides of Numenera

Is it up to the Black Isle classic? In my opinion yes, by far, and I’m happy to say … although there are nuances in between. As in this new role adventure designed by the authors of Wasteland 2, nothing is white or black, good or bad, so you have to deal with a video game


that is difficult to recommend. Not for lack of quality! The story he tells is so exciting, so great, that it’s easy to marvel at the great mysteries of the Ninth World , the strange science fiction universe i


n which the action takes place; but it is precisely this total commitment to the narrativewhat can throw back more than one. I explain. It will be hours before you start your first fight, and after that, you may not be able to take up arms again until much l


ater. It’s something that fascinates me; avoid the fight through dialogue, with deceit, intimidation or any trick that comes to mind, but I understand that there are those who prefer more action.



There is, of course, but it is not important in this RPG that does the impossible so that you always have more than enough tools to evad


e the fight . Even in combat, once the fight starts, you can chat with those involved to calm things down, use the stage to provoke chaos, or directly kill the leader of the opposing side and thus scare off his henchmen. There are so many possibilities, so many ways to solve the same situation, that it is hard not to marvel at the narrative power and


 freedom of action offered by Torment: Tides of Numenera. You really feel that your actions leave their mark in this lavish sci-fi universe, with dyes of fantasy, that is capable of making you go bad when it comes to getting involved in the difficultmor


al issues that raises. Some are dramatic! Of those that force you to think and rethink your answer, because then you have to live with the consequences and sometimes these can be terrible at an emotional level.


Torment Tides of Numenera analysis

Following the footsteps of a god

The team of inXile Entertainment, with Brian Fargo at the helm, it was clear from the start. “We will focus on the same things that make people appreciate Planescape: Torment.” Namely. “A fantastic and unconventional setting; Memorable companions, deep thematic exploration of the human condition, a great reactivity and an interestingly perso

nal story instead of epic “. I recover this declaration of intentions because, in the end, it is the best summary of what this fantastic Tides of Numenera offers. In each and every one of these sections the video game complies with what was promised; sometimes
better, sometimes worse, but always staying true to the essence of that classic that captivated us so many years ago. He also does it with his own voice, leaving his own mark in the story, thanks to a script worthy of praise.


Torment Tides of Numenera PC

You can be a lethal warrior or an infallible diplomat. You decide, more than ever, in an RPG where the fight can be avoided in most cases.

The description of characters and objects, the finesse with which the conversations are stitched together, the environments in wh


ich you are immersed, the philosophical tone of the topics dealt with … I could spend hours extolling the many virtues that the videogame treasures at a narrative level. and I would still have much more to tell you! But it is not, b


y far, as exciting as living the experience for oneself. To feel that your actions are the ones that write the history, the ones that mark the course of the Last Disintegrate , the protagonist of the action, and of all those around him. And I recognize


it. I declare myself a true lover of Numenera. I did not know this universe until the game became known, and now I’m looking forward to living more and more adventures in it.


Torment Tides of Numenera

The story is so exciting, so great, it’s easy to marvel at it

Just take a look at the story trailer , which tells the story of the Changing God, to understand the enormous potential of this universe devised by Monte Cook. Portals to other dimensions, mutants, artifacts from civilizations that disappeared millions of years ago …

there is even a colossal creature, the Morgon, inside which thousands of people live as if nothing. Every step I took for this world, I admit, I was more amazed. I have devoured every line of dialogue with unusual passion, and there are thousands of them! I hav
e delved into the history of my allies, of the enemies and of anyone who crossed my path. And I have never tired of exploring, of looking for clues on each stage that will help me better understand the strange world that surrounds me.