Titanfall 2

Series Battlefield and Titanfall native one – disregard for the single player campaign. However, both the shooter made progressive steps in this field.

If BF1 we got an unconventional approach to “single” organization, Respawn Entertainment has given us quite a canonical tailored campaign with a relatively short duration.

That can not be recorded at all in the red – the six or seven hours that you spend in it, perfectly reveal the potential of Titanfall .

True, the campaign is slowly swinging. The scenario of the first half of it is built on a regular partings and reunions of the two main characters – titanium BT and pilot Jack Cooper.

We need to make its way to the console, opening the door to the fur could go, then iron the other enemies kidnapped, and it will have to return. In general, at first it seems that the whole story will develop in the designated pattern.

However further customized solutions in terms of interaction between the two partners becomes larger. Generally, the relationship of heroes – story rod.

We can not ignore the clichéd story, telling about the failure of some large-scale operation against the militia organization of the IMC, as a result of which the sole survivor was our ward – an aspiring fighter Cooper has made rapid career rise to the pilot, as more skilled fighters were quick to reject skates.

Better to ignore template negotiations “villains” of the skins out climbing in an attempt to kill the talented upstart. The address of the hero and then pouring boring threats, the assurances of the imminent demise and self-confident “Aha, this time you have come!”.

Charisma, none of the characters is different, their images are spelled out very badly. Against this background, interest in the events is completely lost – aimlessly you break through the hordes of enemies, sowing chaos and disappointing bad guys.

All this is quite banal and unattractive. But that does not get missed – it perfectly-written line of Cooper’s relationship with BT. Their affection for each other gradually increases, and conversations abound jokes, built on the contrast perception of the world and the human artificial intelligence.

Finding a dead pilot Anderson, titanium sees this event as a “meeting”, and to reproach callousness coolly said: “In fact, the heart is not functioning.” Jokes pretty perfect harmony with the great gameplay and enliven the story. A drama by the end of reaching such an extent that at a certain point it is impossible to hold back the tears.

Titanfall 2 review

Perhaps the most touching moment of the game.


Interesting acrobatics

Levels are organized in accordance with the requirements of the mechanics – so that we enjoy plenty of legwork on the walls. Locations are diverse: endless jungle give way to huge factories and military installations. Literally on every corner adorn the racks with different weapons. “Guns,” a lot, and their combination with sprinting abilities pilot gives many spectacular scenes. However, the dominance of robotic dummy makes the shooting range is not as exciting.

Nevertheless, developers are squeezed out “parkurnyh” almost all elements. Then you and electrified walls, and the task of self-installation on vertical surfaces, and many other conditions that complicate and to revive the “interspace” walk.

The same applies to games for BT: robot gradually acquiring new weapons and abilities, which sets correspond to the classes of the Titans in multiplayer.

When the monotonous sweep of the terrain begins to pall, Titanfall 2 throws details that good gameplay cheers. Thus, the level of time travel is filled with many non-standard design solutions – a lot of fun “turn off” the hordes of enemies with a single click, sending you into the future or the past.