The strangest game simulator from Goat Simulator before I am Bread

Accurately determine video game genre is any of our contemporary, a little bit familiar with the matter. But there were times when glossy prints in “genre” column indicates the profound “shooter” or, even more fun, “walker”. Yes, in the wilds of the sleeping areas and you can now run into psevdogeymera who thoughtfully looking over the interlocutor, he reports: “From computer games I prefer science fiction” .
While any senior citizen with an active lifestyle knows that the NF in a video game can turn and turn-based strategy of the Blood Ravens and arcade chaos of a Martian invasion. Over the last two decades of confusion with the genres of games as a phenomenon has disappeared. In search of first-person shooters, turn left if you need RPG – you round the corner and to the right, and so on. Simulation is always kept to themselves.
To define the simulation game is very simple: the specificity of the genre will help. Simulator – a game about a detailed, meticulous re-creation of a process. This simulator is necessarily present in the sight of realism and authenticity, even if the game offers to take the helm of a UFO.
We have decided to clearly define the essence of the genre for one reason: a couple of years ago in a tiny geymdeve happened next revolution, and since then the label “simulation” are trying to stick to any lump written code.
And thanks for this you need a goat.

Wrong address

Goat Simulator.
In 2014 it went on sale Goat Simulator . We were offered, managing a goat, to create fear, chaos and destruction. The game enjoyed unexpected commercial success, has received a lot of positive feedback from users and a lot of loafers has advised on the issue of its “simulation”.
Goat Simulator became cheerful, hooligan, unfinished game about goats, but certainly not kozlyachim simulator. Neither of which simulate the real process there is the question. It is not necessary to call the simulator and simple game of cat inverted boxes and toys ( Catlateral Damage , 2013). If developers sculpted cat simulator, where, may I ask, button, which is suspended licking tight spaces?
Catlateral Damage.
We take the liberty on the same basis to assert that a simulator does not apply every kind of nonsense on the rocks, mountains and grass. Another Stone Sim when reading will be nothing more than a wallpaper for your desktop. And we absolutely incomprehensible why the arcade on a piece of bread I am Bread , some persist in calling “simulation of bread.”
I am Bread.
Simulations recreate on screen the processes and types of activity, which in most cases can be seen in our sublunary world. But if the submarine simulator, aircraft and tanks justify their existence because they can give the player a truly unique experience, some other “Sims” may seem very strange. To put it mildly.

Strange – it does not mean bad

Simulations “left-handed” can be quite exciting and going to work at a high level. And not necessarily in the process of fidgeting in cockpit attack plane “IL-2”, looking out for the cunning of the Germans on the nimble fighter. Project Surgeon Simulator 2013 will feel like a surgeon performing important operations.
The basis of the mechanics of management has laid down a doctor brush. From Player required, pardon the pun, surgical precision and considerable time on training, just like in real life. The game is not in vain received warm reviews and a couple DLC. The project contained the skills and challenge the player, and a good simulation of complex, noble work. A “subject” surprised missions such as emergency surgery in a shaking on the road car “Ambulance” or opening of the wretched alien from outer space.
Surgeon Simulator 2013

No chance of mosquitoes and ticks!

Game hunting and fishing are amazing popularity. At all times and on all platforms.
About hunting issues arise; This adrenaline male entertainment, in reality it may be too expensive and dangerous (any hunter will tell you, what a mighty elk or wild boar muzzy from the spring. Hunters do talk a lot and with pleasure). Or maybe you just wish to thrust the charge fraction in a living rabbit.
Then it offers a considerable number of hunting simulators. For example, a series of Cabela’s Big the Game Hunter – skilfully designed and an expensive project. Without leaving your home, you can feel almost real hunt. Although some of our friends hunters quite seriously argue that the most important thing in the hunt – into the spirit of the living forest, enjoying a glass of cocoa under the thick branches.
Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts.
Since fishing is more complicated. Themed games released a frightening number. And while they all merge into a faceless mass. You can find good examples of simulation throwing rods and podsekaniya another bream, but the real fisherman will argue themselves hoarse that the same process is not amenable to computer simulation in principle.
And if you do not consider fishing with dynamite dance and romp with industrial networks, if you Rybachy the only right way, then you will agree that simulate fishing is impossible by definition. Meditative and healing silence will not replace any shaders or leaderboards.
Fishing Planet.

Get up and do the same

If burrow deeper into the reservoir unformatted simulation video game world, becomes as Alice said, “Curiouser and curiouser.”
In 2014, the public test in the simulator baker-chef Baking Simulator . We ran both hands during cooking all sorts of eatables. For admirers of such amusements immediately raises the question: is not it better to make a dozen steps in the direction of the kitchen and cook something in real life? In such Baking Simulator projects, no fun, no educational value, that is, there is nothing that we love video games. Crawl awkward hands among the dishes – it’s cool, but hardly interesting enough.
Baking Simulator.
Game Car Mechanic Simulator , developed in Poland, offers to become an auto mechanic. Any car can be disassembled by screws, wielding a mouse. A specific charge of fun can be obtained by experimenting in a virtual garage. And the cognitive aspect is the place to be: playing Car Mechanic, you can get an idea of the internal combustion engine.
But immediately raises questions about the target audience of the project. Fans tinker under the hood (and they are many) would prefer to hike in the direction of the garage cooperative, they there generally solid comfort zone. Gamers do not understand why instead of playing epic rolevki or engage in dynamic action digitized nuts. We recommend that instead of dipping into the Car Mechanic Simulator dismantle the current car. Belonging, for example, your test. That he would be delighted!
Car Mechanic Simulator 2018.

Plunge into the dull everyday life!

Almost every video game contains one or another charge of escapism. We come home after a fuss at work or in school, climb into your favorite chair, and now our space frigate fumbles radar on an unknown planet. But discordant ranks of simulators is not difficult to find projects that addressed a very mysterious person. Personality of the love simulation gray working days.
German developers are gamers all over the world deserved respect. Series of Gothic , of Risen , Sacredand other worthy projects were established in the land of Goethe, Schiller, Til Schweiger and Lindemann.
“And Uwe Boll!” – says the boy in sneakers without laces. It was in Germany, it acquired the company United Entertainment’s The Independent GmbH .
 Pedantic Germans from this team with perseverance worthy of a better, give a variety of simulations of the impactor and advanced workers of the labor front. If the Soviet Union survived to this day, the Independent Entertainment staff there began to be heroes and role models. Well, the media would have written at least.
German programmers and designers from a designated studio is not the first cave in the audience such simulators, like a game of school bus driver ( School Bus Fun ), an exciting process of harvesting ( ForestryWoodcutter Simulator 2013 ) and on the difficult task of making underground tunnels ( Mining and Simulator Tunneling ).
Last example of creativity German studio – Project Professional Farmer 2017 . The game offers a plunge into the intricacies of farming and caring for cattle. Note that the Professional Farmer 2017 shows a valid, fully three-dimensional image with a free camera and a variety of agricultural equipment.
Here only those who live in rural areas, are unlikely to be joyful hoot after experiencing the game: before their eyes sweep endless fields of beets and rusty hoe in their hands – or the process of cleaning the barn with ten merry piglets inside.
Woodcutter Simulator 2013.
Reliable implementation of urban traffic and realistic behavior on the road heavy garbage truck should entice the player, according to the creators of the Garbage Truck is Simulator . We are destined to not only ride on a powerful car unit, but also an opportunity to take control of the other crew members, personally grabbing bags of waste and pushing them into the body.
Previous part of the trash epic released in 2016, and there you can try a free three-dimensional camera in the city and evaluate several models of trucks. Is it worth it for the sake of hiding in the attic disc Tekken 7and removed from the hard drive Prey , think for yourself.
Garbage Truck Simulator.
If desired, not be difficult to find among the games cycling simulator and simulate for self improvement vitality and health promotion. Who try hard physical work without getting out of the chair, with a joyful smile launch simulator Miner ( Untertagebau Simulator ).
If you delve into the subject, you can find a game simulation of almost any kind of meaningful activity. During the pursuit of the original developers of such projects worth praise, only frequently once Simulator is, in fact, collected on the knee zabagovannaya hack.
Underground mining simulator.