The review of Battlerite

Apparently the Stunlock Studios do not want to make him end the Bloodline Champions , their previous product, which has never really managed to take off.


Who presaged a failure on the style of Evolve not theme, because in this case the operation seems to be fully successful: within a few weeks Battlerite has seen the number of downloads multiply and has jumped to the top of the ranking of the most played titles on Steam (at the time of writing this article is in twelfth position with almost thirty thousand users on the servers).


The aforementioned premise was a must to give a first indication on Battlerite: currently it is a very played title and downloading it does not risk finding you on deserts servers that involve long wait minutes before being able to play a game.



Now it remains to be seen if it is really worthwhile to dedicate time. Battleritis is not difficult to describe, since it is basically an improved version of Bloodline Champions, which is a battle arena between heroes in which players collide in 2v2 or 3v3 games.


With the update 1.01, a cooperative mode against the CPU has been introduced, but it is still in the experimental phase (and not very exciting, in our opinion). At the beginning you have to choose which of the heroes available to take to battle: there are currently twenty one, but soon new ones will be added. Obviously every hero has his own special abilities, but in general we can divide them into three big groups: melee fighters, ranged fighters and support heroes.


At the level of the background they are all quite poor, as well as from the design point of view, which relies on a temperate as well as dull. Evidently, Stunlock Studios did not consider it necessary to take too much care of the narrative aspect, which was altogether insignificant; to compensate is the fact that each of them has nine skills related to the same number of keys.

The review of Battlerite

The control system is based on the classic WASD scheme, with the mouse used to aim and to perform basic attacks. In short, nothing that has not already been seen elsewhere, but here everything really works great. Understanding how to use the various characters is not difficult,


but mastering them is a different matter. For this reason available there are several single player modes of training, such as the tutorial or the match against the CPU, which allow you to develop a certain dexterity and not make sketches online … at least not blatant.


The game system is completely focused on the skills of the players, so you have to consider having to train a lot before obtaining acceptable results.


Battlerite battles are frenetic and fought with spells, shields, special loading techniques, stealth skills and more; the goal is always and only one: to consume the energy bar of the adversaries before they are to eliminate us. The only variant to this formula requires to destroy the guardian of the other team, although it must be said that the gameplay remains similar and always made of very fast games.