Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep – horror with an unusual main character. We see the world through the eyes of the game year-old child. At first, here is sunny and comfortable: in the corner of the room are the pins with a ball, and if the knock down all the pins in one fell swoop, Steam gives stripe “Strike”.

Life of two years – a complete entertainment. You can be stuck on the dice, folding indecent words, or to swing on the evening horse – a game in a hurry, allowing adapt to the child’s pajamas.

Our toddler unsteady gait, running it, too, does not matter, and everybody wants to fall on all fours. But crawling baby develops a decent speed – this is important, because in the game there is a monster, and it can catch you.

Child was packed bed, but in the night an unknown force will turn its cradle, and the mother did not come to cry

Before the monster still creep and crawl, and while talking teddy bear invites the closet – and the reality is sunny for the first time gives a crack. The best moments Among the Sleep is associated with the decomposition of the usual domestic environment – so long coat worse than any demon appears in a dark closet. Child was packed bed, but in the night an unknown force will turn its cradle, and the mother did not come to cry.

Journey to the sliders through the creaky house in search of her mother’s bedroom to teach the kid a lot – it just seems that it is quite helpless.

Child confidently climbs on chairs and boxes – but how else to reach the door handle? drawer is not just open so – they can be used to build a kind of ladder and get out, for example, in the window. Height does not scare the young climber, fear breeds in vague sounds from the darkness, in the rustle of the rain on the street, in the rumbling washing machine behind the wall, motionless silhouette under a blanket on her mother’s bed.

Bear pressed against his chest, illuminates the space around

When it comes to the mandatory parts – a flashlight – it seems that we are dealing with a masterpiece. After all, what a flashlight to horror? This is not just a ray of light in the darkness, but the source of relative calm – when you see what lies ahead of you (at least a couple of meters), it is much easier to wade through even the darkest corners of a distorted reality.

A young child is important not only to see how many feel that next to him someone home. And who can be more akin to a teddy bear, especially when moms night out of her room? Bear whispers: “Hold me closer, if it becomes scary.” And these are not empty words: bear pressed against the chest, illuminates the space around, pushing the darkness, which is known to lurk main fears of every child.

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Among the Sleep – the first complete game of the Norwegian studio Krillbite Studio. As long as the design, the Norwegians released a tiny sketch of The Plan, where an ordinary fly turned into a star in the sky to the music of Edvard Grieg.

The invention teddy flashlight again confirms every horror scenery that Krillbite Studio employs people with good taste and imagination. Whether this is enough for a good game?

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Among the Sleep prologue takes the bar high, but once out of rusty pipes in the basement of my mother’s voice is heard far – she sings a lullaby, and this simple melody will go through the whole game, rhyming the comfort of home with a disturbing obsession. Going down the tube, our baby will be at the bottom of the rabbit hole once – and here Among the Sleep will lose a good part of its charm and identity.

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Krillbite Studio puts two years in a dark forest, in an adult location, and seemed oblivious to the fact that we see it through the eyes of a child. If at the beginning of the game, even the authors of the cloak in the closet backlit so that it seemed otherworldly artifact, the forest belt looks ordinary.

Here is a little uncomfortable, but for veterans of horror it would be an easy walk – the monster keeps a respectful distance, and the baby is also cheerfully crawls on all fours and did not stain the hands.

To find the mother, the child has to collect memories of it – it is for them to go down through the pipe and the prowl in the night. Such trips are reduced to a simple search for items without any adventure.

Only at the very end with the monster will have little to play hide and seek – before you are more likely to die, inadvertently stepped into a bog. Other objects and discoveries in the game – there were even without the ubiquitous notes, because a two-year know how to read?

Children’s fears – fertile ground for horror, but Krillbite Studio dug shallow. Among the Sleep could become instant classics with it and look at the genre with an unprecedented perspective, and sound quality, and a number of innovative solutions and successful “home” atmosphere, and justified the helplessness of the protagonist – a chainsaw here unless designer to collect.

Alas, the game is short and still have time to get bored with monotonous climb of from place to place, and the ending does not open some new horizons and generally seems crumpled. The authors have given the maximum in the prologue of the game, but then did not bother to respond to its own standards.