The creator of Vanaris Tactics was inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics – review addiction

Lone developer Mateus Reis, known for isometric turn-based tactics Slimesphere, announced his new project. RPG turn-based strategy Vanaris tactics created by him under the impression of Final fantasy tactics, and the work is carried out with the support of the publishing house Toge Productions

Vanaris Tactics is set in a dark world. We have to take control of a group of refugees who flee their homeland from the oppressors and find themselves outside the vast land of Vanaris.

In the game we will have a squad of unique characters, each with their own sides, skills and stories. We will be able to teach them new abilities to solve more complex problems. Various combinations of weapons and accessories will allow you to change the style of play.

Vanaris Tactics plans to release in Steam, but the timing has not yet been announced.

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