The picture “Parasites” Pong Joon Ho will be released on HBO as a series

South Korean film “Parasites“Adapt for American viewers and turn into a series. Several well-known TV channels are fighting for the right to show the show. The deal is not yet completed, but the winner is HBOoffering more than Netflix.

The plot of the original picture is as follows:

An ordinary Korean family does not spoil life. You have to live in a damp, dirty basement, steal the Internet from your neighbors and interrupt by random part-time jobs. Once, a friend of the son of the family, leaving for an internship abroad, suggests that he be replaced and worked as a tutor at a high school student in a wealthy Pak family. Having faked a diploma of higher education, the guy goes to a chic design mansion and makes a good impression on the hostess of the house. Immediately, an unusual plan for the employment of his sister comes to his mind.

“Parasites” is one of the most popular films of 2019. Its director Pong Joon Ho Involved in the production of the series as a producer. American will help him Adam Mackaywhose recent work is “Slide game“And”Power“Received an Oscar, and”The heirs“From HBO awarded”Golden Globe»As the best drama series.

It is not yet clear in what form the new show will appear before the audience. Will it be a continuation of a feature film or a kind of remake in English.

With a budget of $ 12 million, the Parasites have earned more than 130 million in worldwide box office, of which 23 are in America. Perhaps this is the best picture in a foreign language of all applicants for the Oscar. Moreover, many specialized media offered to nominate him in the main category, and the National Society of Film Critics of the USA recently called “Parasite” the best picture of the year.

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