The new “Batman” was shown in a full suit with a mask

The network got new shots with Robert Pattinson (Robert Pattinson) in the role of the new Batman in the movie of the same name DC Comics. The frames showed the protagonist in a full suit, including Batman’s recognizable mask.

Actor Robert Pattinson was approved for the role of Bruce Wayne for the new trilogy of films about Batman from director Matt Reeves (Matt Reeves). According to, Pattinson in full Batman costume, who has undergone a number of changes relative to previous versions, was shown on new frames. However, the most recognizable elements, such as a mask covering half of Bruce Wayne’s face and the bat logo, remained unchanged. It is worth noting that with each new portion of shots from the future movie “Batman”, an increasing number of viewers like what they saw, and more and more fans begin to believe that Pattinson will make an excellent Bruce Wayne.

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The new “Batman” has already been depicted by a variety of artists, posting their work on social networks. At the moment, there is a casting of actors for the future trilogy of Batman films, and filming of the project will start only next year. Therefore, fans of the famous superhero do not yet know what the new Batman costume will look like officially. However, it is known that already in the first film “Batman” there will be many familiar characters, such as butler Alfred performed by Andy Serkis, Jim Gordon performed by Jeffrey Wright, and Catwoman, played by Zoe Kravitz. One of Batman’s enemies in the first film will be The Riddler, performed by Paul Dano.

According to, the shooting of the new Batman film will begin in January 2023, and the release of the film is scheduled for June 25, 2023. Apparently, the movie “Batman-2” will be released no earlier than 2023.