The network has new shots Half-Life: Alyx – VR-blockbuster from Valve

YouTube Channel Author Valve News Network Tyler McVicker shared with the audience new shooter shots Half-Life: Alyx, which is created for virtual reality helmets and is expected to be available in March 2023.

Images were obtained by the blogger from sources inside Valve. He introduced them in a video that Valve News Network subscribers were the first to see on Patreon. They created a selection of screenshots from the video and posted them on the web, so the quality of the images below leaves much to be desired.

The blogger said that after the release of the first trailer, the soldiers of the Alliance had already changed the color of their uniforms.

Collage of new frames:

All frames are separate from each other.:

Valve previously said it was interested in continuing the Half-Life series.. This gave fans new hope for Half-Life 3.

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