The darkest depth

March 28 will be available for all the latest expansion that will end the third and final chapter of Dark Souls: The Ringed City, which in Italian has adopted the nomenclature of The City to Rings. 


And in these days the big update 1.11 has arrived, followed by the version 1.12 which leads the way for this downloadable content, at the cost of € 14.99 individually, or € 24.99 for the season pass that includes the previous Mondo Dipinto di Ariandel .


Regarding the details of the patch we leave you to the special dedicated to these pages, what we want to emphasize, beyond two new PvP maps and matchmaking with friends via password, is the introduction of a series of adjustments in key balance, mainly related to equipment and weapons heavy.

The darkest depth

In the first case we have an increase in defense and weight, in the second optimization of the animations together with a reduction of the energy required for each thrust, in such a way as to make these types of build more attractive, but also less unbalanced than the rest of the present arsenal.


Even today there are several players who have not gone down the balance management and the increased pace of play, among other things a superior response to the commands and the experience gained with Bloodborne; to us instead the title From Software was also very appreciated for this aspect, much less the first expansion, poor in content and above all without memorable moments.


Fortunately, the City of Anelli is quite different: to access it you must basically have completed the game without starting a new journey, because you have to reach the bonfire that appears next to the one called “Furnace of the First Flame”, on the road that leads to the clash with the final boss.


The level recommended by From Software is 100, we were 95 and we did not have any particular problems in the damage / damage: the “problem” is that the City of Rings was designed by the Japanese developer to put a strain on the the player’s strong nerves, as we will explain in the next paragraph.

The review of Dark Souls III: the City to Rings, the expansion that closes the saga of From Software


Before reaching the city that actually gives its name to this expansion, you must face Cumulus of Waste, full-bodied section that seems to be a devastated part of Lothric with towers and walls destroyed, populated by new creatures dominated by darkness. The age of fire is coming to an end and the protagonist must reach the end of the world in search of the dark soul of humanity, within this lost city.


The approach is brutal: after a short initial descent you are greeted by a multitude of events and enemies that “shoot” spells from distance, then the first very aggressive beast but fortunately quite slow.

The darkest depth

Shortly thereafter it continues to fall ruinously downward, making its way up to the appearance of a sort of fallen angel capable of hurling darts of magic or curses, and tormenting the player whenever he is outside.


We must therefore move constantly between shelters, until we reach a swamp that will really test the nerves of even the most peaceful people.


We must run, avoid being hit by darts, fight, at the same time death by death examine the surrounding environment to understand the source of this unbeatable enemy; after great effort to come to the next bonfire that never seems to represent a priceless trophy in this case.


Last but not least, go down to face the first boss, which seems like a walk after so much physical and mental violence suffered previously. Finally we reach from the top in the City to Rings


, which welcomes the player with a glance impressive, colorful and kissed by the sun. It takes very little, however, to brush up your swatch book again, because in this case an army of phantom archers makes the journey perilous, forcing the player to move quickly from one cover to another.