Drawn to Death

In any case, the game is undoubtedly a charisma and an almost unique style.The arenas are full of ironic and desiccating writing that, even to say, is full of words and expressions of common use in the adolescent imaginary.


Lots of words with “V” and with “C”, along with some “P” that never breaks. Needless to say, there is also so much violence, dismembered bodies, and the red box that draws blood explosions in quantity.
Already from the tutorial where you are heavily insulted every three per two you understand the stylistic figure of the game. If you are over sixteen, this kind of humor might bother you, because it is present in abundant quantities right away. Insults are, of cour


se, also expected among players during matches. Among the collectibles there are animated gifs that can be assigned to four “directions” of the touchpad, ready to be activated to strike opponents during kills. For the less avant-garde, at the beginning of each match there are also pre-set (selectable and customizable) phrases with which to scoff the other participants, or compliment a good match and all the other formalities that no one has ever used in online multiplayer since 1996 , about.

The same delirium is poured into exaggerated weapons and the result of a hormonal fantasy of a teenager, where some are the result


of great genius. I refer to the video game console – apparently a SNES – that launches a cartridge that, by impact, defrags a cloud of pixel characters, with jrpg jpg counter damage counter. There is also the coffin-throttle coffin, or the human trunk pulling poisoned balls (literally), as well as a series of more conventional weapons such as a devil-grenade launcher and a minigun with the demonic queue.
Drawn to Deathhe does everything he can not take seriously, and he does it extensively. Characters who are going to shoot with such an arsenal are equally well-characterized. In the cast there are figures like Ninjaw (my favorite), a mid-shark mid-shark wo


man ninja, who speaks Japanese with a lolita voice; Bronco, the stereotype of the American soldier with a bionic leg and a sluggish assistant who promises spicy rewards as he returns from the mission; Alan, a naked man with a teddy bear armed with a chainsaw, among his abilities is that it becomes invisible for a while, and we understand, and others that we leave you the pleasure of discovering. The Price of Violence Drawn to Death

Drawn to Death

was born as a free-to-play in the initial intentions, and then converted as a product for sale, and this is noticeable right away from the presence of rather intrusive micro-transactions. Whether you download Drawn to Death or buy it later when you’re out of PlayStation Plus, you will not need to pay even one euro to play with all the characters in all maps, so let’s get it cl


ear. The problem is the collectable and the fact that, in addition to completely addictive things like insults and skin for the characters, among them there are also new weapons.
In fact, the multiplayer provides a fairly cl


assic loadout system.For each character you can choose two weapons to launch and a launchable object, plus a set of three weapons that you might find as drop in the maps. This second set can be equipped by everyone, so if you are, then you have not considered taking a rocket launcher with you, it is likely that your opponent will have it as a secondary drop, so you might find it around map. The problem lies in the fact that the weapons that are unlocked later are cons


iderably stronger than the ones that base. Among the weapons that I managed to unlock (with no difficulty, as we will see), there is the above-mentioned SNES simulator, which is a searchable weapon – not infallible, fortunately – that inflicts huge damage, equal to just under one third of the life bar.