Insider: Leaked PlayStation 5 specs with 9.2 teraflops may be inaccurate

In the past year occurred drain characteristics Playstation 5, which showed a figure of 9.2 teraflops of graphic power of the console, however, a new publication indicates that this information may be inaccurate.

Forum user Resetet under the nickname KleegamefanThe next-generation consoles insider said its PlayStation 5 spec information is not consistent with a leak from GitHub discovered late last month.

The GitHub leak, which also revealed information about the Xbox Series X, is probably the most reliable over the past six months, given that Digital Foundry experts analyzed the source and verified the accuracy of the data. However, until Sony and Microsoft reveal the final specs for their consoles, you should not fully trust publications from unofficial sources.

Back in November, Kleegamefan talked about the power of two consoles, emphasizing that in terms of gaming performance the PlayStation 5 is slightly superior to the Xbox Series X, but the difference in power is most likely due to the fact that the pace of development of hardware and software of PS5 devkits at that time was ahead of Microsoft . An insider suggested that as soon as Microsoft has finalized versions of devkits and software, the gap between the two consoles will narrow. According to rumors, the performance of the new Xbox is 12.2 teraflops.

Both consoles will go on sale this fall.

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