Tetris Effect Review

Tetris Effect is the brainchild of Tetsui Mizuguchi, whose name has long been associated with the word by knowledgeable people.

For the past twenty years, Mizuguchi has been doing nothing but trying to realize the synergy of graphics and sound with gameplay.

The fame brought him Rez, an alloy scrolling shooter with color music, designed to immerse in a trance (an accessory, which was literally called Trance Vibrator), came to the game. Since then, nothing really changed.

In Tetris Effect we are again waiting for the pretentious passages about Zen and audio and video effects of incredible beauty synchronized with the vibration. A “Tetris” here as if for show.

The size of the “glass” testifies well to this: it takes up a tenth of the screen from strength, and the rest is tinsel. 

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No doubt, everything is very beautiful, but we’re talking about Tetris.

Which means that the player’s attention of the screen where the lotuses do not bloom, but they fall tetrimino.

The Tetris Effect seemed to be created not for those who play, but for those who are sitting nearby. There is even a separate item in the menu “run color music without a game,” which says a lot.

Feeling that the audio-visual component of something gives the gameplay, no. 

At some stages, the speed of falling figures grows and decreases by itself, suddenly.

Without any correlation with music – and sudden jumps in speed.

Complexity are very much in tune with the attempts of the game to achieve immersion in the atmosphere created by it. 

And it’s good, when multi-colored tinsel does not interfere with playing. 

On most levels, this is true, but on some, bright effects hit the eyes too hard.

Vibration prevents them from concentrating.

And the figures merge with the background.

As for the gameplay, this is the standard modern Tetris.

Tetrimino landed can be a long time to twist and slide them along the “bottom”.

It is possible to remove one piece in the stock and get it at the right time.

There is one innovation that is available, however, only in the local “campaign” mode.

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The Zone scale is accumulated for the cancellation of lines, which allows activating the opportunity of the same name.

During Zone, the figures stop falling, and all the lines written off do not disappear immediately.

But move down the glass, allowing you to build impossible combos like 16 lines written off at the same time.

This is a nice find, but it turns out to be used, as a rule, just for accumulating points.

And not for helping yourself in a difficult moment.

When the figures are falling at supersonic speed.

Somehow it is not up to thinking which button will stop them.

“Campaign” Tetris Effect is a couple of dozen stages, each with its own music and its own art design.

The goal is to write off a certain number of lines: accordingly, it should be done as beautifully as possible.

Bonuses to points come from the aforementioned Zone, a combo (writing off lines one by one),T-spins (screwing a T-shaped figure into depressions specially reserved for it) and Tetris, preferably nothing more diluted.

In addition to this colorful “Zen travel”, Tetris Effect offers fairly standard modes Marathon (150 lines limit), Ultra (three minutes limit), Sprint (40 lines per speed) and Master (maximum speed survival).
Several playlists for rest and a la golvolomki modes, where you have to insert figures into already laid out blanks in order to get as many combos.
Empty glasses or specific points written off as possible.
The only thing that is of some interest is the “adventure” category of modes.
Which includes the fight against the colony of “viruses” growing from the bottom of the glass.
Building structures under the I-blocks automatically falling to a specified place in a few moves, and the “mysterious” mode.
In which it is necessary to struggle with constantly alternating effects – then the contents of the glass will mix up.
Then the figures will start to fly from the bottom up, then a quarter will break off from Tetrimino.
These last three entertainments – actually the only thing that favorably distinguishes Tetris Effect from competitors from the point of view of content.
The only reason why a person who is not interested in either the high score table or the color music will return to it.

After all, the key component of almost all “Tetris” since the 80s was the multiplayer mode, and in Tetris Effect there is no mention of it.

This is a completely single game in which the content is not so much.

What is most offensive is that the Tetris lovers on modern consoles have nothing left. 

Tetris Ultimate from Ubisoft – a disgrace with bad matchmaking and falling frame rate.

Puyo Puyo Tetris is not only half the other game, but also came out only on the disks.

And in the “figure” you cannot buy it. But the critics are all happy.

The critical multiplayer was removed from Tetris, the not necessary “grafon” was fastened, and now he has 89 on “Metacritic” , accept and sign.

As a long-time fan of Tetris, I was left unmoved by Tetsui Mizuguchi. 

Well-made musical techno demos are not what I need from Tetris.

I want to see a wide range of interesting single-player tests and multiplayer modes. I want Tetris to be reinvented gameplay in them – and not become the background for visual experiments.

In ancient times, the press had to prove to gamers over and over again that in games.

The main thing is not graphics, but gameplay.

It is a pity that in the case of Tetris Effect, journalists do the opposite.