Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4

Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Review

Well, it’s time to tell about the Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 from the studios Rockstar Games

Perhaps the worst thing you can do in a review of Red Dead Redemption 2 is just to list what you can do in the game and how much it all worked out in detail.

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And we want to do it, because we have a game of possibilities here!

Here you can wash in the bath – and this is a separate mini-game.

You can rob almost all types of transport of the time.

And everywhere will have its own characteristics.

You can hunt and fish – these are separate games in the game.

Because almost two hundred species of animals and fifty fish are no joke.

You can clean weapons, customize saddles on a horse and make camps in the forest.

What is most amusing, Red Dead Redemption 2 is in many ways similar to Kingdom Come.

Her world is realistic – there is no place for gangsters and incredible adventures that lurk behind every bush.

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No one will jump around you, trying to entertain every second.

A huge field can be just a huge field – are there huge empty fields in the world?

Here, and no one forces us to walk in them – in the game as well.

And through the forest, you can wade through for a long time and no one there except badgers can be found there.

And no one bothers to create stories on their own. Here is a lone rider jumping – say hello to him? Or maybe rob?

Threats, gunshots in the air and now he has already rushed off the horizon – his mare turned out to be faster, and your accuracy has let you down.

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In an hour you will meet the same traveler in the city, he will recognize you, make a fuss and make a fight. You may have to sit in jail.

But maybe you are lucky, in the same city, for example, a hunter rescued from a trap will recognize you, introduce you to a gunsmith, give a new rifle.

The gunsmith, however, you will not be happy and will throw a couple of caustic comments about the fight, which you drunk in a local saloon two days ago.

And the owner of the hotel will meet at the reception with a bandaged head – because he flew in that very fight.

All this can be a consequence of both plot episodes, and absolutely random, arranged by you personally on the go.

That’s the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 and breathing.

Therefore, this is the best Rockstar game, and every new Rockstar game is the best.

You understand how the system works. Imagine complex chains of scripts and triggers over which Rockstar programmers sat for 7 years, 100 hours a week.

But the sensations are amazing.

Ordinary unnamed NPCs turn into people: kind, vindictive, cowardly, cocky-living.

And the world comes to life. And you are part of it.

He constantly reacts to you – and not only procedural bandits in the bushes.

In Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4, the sea is a pleasant, well thought out and animated routine, from which you don’t get tired even in a hundred hours.

Perhaps it will be enough for two hundred, and a thousand.

But the game does not slip into a hardcore survival simulator – it knows all things and weakens “realism” where necessary.

Where the long trip is still worth wasting, she also knows – Rockstar has a great chuik for this thing.

And, of course, the epoch itself is important. 1899th – symbolic year, the decline of the Wild West, one step before the new century. Civilization came to the frontier, still inhabited by people who do not know life without violence and endless freedom.

They have no place in the new world, and the old one is about to be taken away – the game tells them about them. Disgusting, but regrettable poor fellow.

The Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 is a world where Valentine coexists, a village saturated with mud and whiskey, a caricature settlement from westerns, and San Denis – a big city written off from New Orleans, with electricity, restaurants, art galleries and other benefits of the new century .

Between them half an hour away. The past and the future are just one step away.

San Denis is growing, Valentine – and with it other similar places – is dying. In San Denis, the “elegant”, neat Italian mafia is operating (and you will have to deal with it), while outside the city walls ragged bandits are still riding on horses

The Wild West in Red Dead Redemption 2PS4  is ugly and beautiful at the same time. Incredible nature and bone-breaking violence. The first wonders of civilization and the pitch-black smoke of plants covering scenic views of the city.

Gentlemen in expensive tails, and miners choking in the mines.

Elegant shoes and dirty boots, bitten by an alligator in the marshes.

All this in a variety of scenery – from the classic prairie to swamps and snow-capped mountains.

Visually, the game at different times resembles all known westerns at once – from “Django”  to “Bone Tomahawk” and the whole classics of the genre.

Ultimate, correct, beautiful Western for all – no matter which subgenre of this direction you prefer.

Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 is purely plot content for 50-70 hours. From the commercials, you can cut the series for several seasons.

This is not counting the “big” side-quests, from which the whole story arches, separated from the main story, flow.

Do you know what is the best in this?

There are no mechanics pushing the player into the openworld – there are no pauses on “do it, until a new story quest opens.”

You can just sit down and go through only the plot. Yes, it turns out that it was possible.

But I do not advise doing so. I have described all the delights of the open world above, but there are those big side quests.

They can take two to three hours of time, they are not always easy to find, but they are also insignificant and infrequent, but they affect the main plot.

But what they always do is tell cool, self-contained stories.

Otherwise, how do you get to know Tesla’s local counterpart (developers  avoid real names) and help him build a robot?

How do you become a dikozapadnym detective and go to investigate the mystical cases in the village lost in the swamps?

How can you help the mayor of San Denis in solving a mass of sensitive issues and test the first electric chair in history?

The main storyline on the background of the often insane stories from the side, fortunately, does not sink.

In many respects, thanks to the main characters, of whom there is a mass here – everything is not limited by Arthur Morgan. Dutch, Marston, the gang itself – no less important characters.

You will memorize all the names. And all, of course, disgusting bastards and murderers who want a free, though not very peaceful life.

So just know – the plot is excellent and it is written on a good book level.

He surprises, turns everything up completely unexpectedly and does not regret the player’s feelings.

Puts pressure on the patient and acts with the unprincipledness of the gangster when it is needed.

But more importantly, the story sensibly reveals the prerequisites for the plot of the first part and lasts exactly as long as necessary.

Well, maybe a little longer, okay – Rockstar still loves to tighten up separate missions.

But the characters here have the most subtle inscriptions of characters and personal stories.

But they still need to be dug up – communicating, running with the characters on hunting and fishing, helping out on trifles.