Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires

Except for the occasional rare exception, both the Dynasty Warriors franchise and its first and main spin-off ( Samurai Warriors ) have been completing a life cycle for more than ten years in which an initial delivery, an expansion ( Xtreme Legends ) comes into play that adds new content such as scenarios, characters, game modes … and a last revision ( Empires ) that injects a good dose of strategy to what, speaking of the franchise itself, it is still a review in polygonal and

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oversized format classic beat ’em up in the purest Final Fight stylewhat good times he made us go more than 20 years ago. The last numbered edition of Dynasty Warriors (eighth in the West, seventh in Japan, since there does not count the one vs. one released in the first

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PlayStation that gave rise to the saga) returns to fulfill this life cycle, something to be grateful to have in account the lamentable times of DLCs, micro / maxi payments and content-blocked-to-buy-in-comfortable-terms that we have to live in today.

Although unfortunately we can not say that neither the Warriors franchise in general nor this 8 Empires in particular get rid of these scourges, which are turning the industry into a kind of runaway Ministry of Finance led by a Montoro in a berserker state (yes, we also get goosebumps just thinking about an overpowered Cristobalito), it is true that the content not offered in the initial sum we pay when acquiring the game is still secondary. That said, and as usual in the


Empires branch of the franchise, we find something that goes beyond the concept of expansion, although the playable base in relation to the arcade side of the game is very similar to what was already seen in the original Dynasty Warriors 8. But the strategic burden,


together with the novelties that arise in the battlefield itself, deserve that we treat the game that concerns us as an independent and complete title.

Technically speaking, we will not see in One, PS4 and PC significant improvements compared to the PS3 version.
Technically speaking, we will not see in One, PS4 and PC significant improvements compared to the PS3 version.

My kingdom for an empire

Of course, the usual fans of the franchise will feel at Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires at home. The familiar Romance of the Three Kingdoms ,


which tells us the fall of the Han Dynasty, the civil war unleashed throughout the millennial China of the II and III centuries AD, the division of the country into three main kingdoms and its subsequent reunification under a new dynasty, remains the narrative thread from which the game is nourished. The hundreds of


characters that are part of the conflict, among which we can directly control the not inconsiderable figure of 83, once again star in this game of Game of Thrones in which marriages of convenience, betrayals, political movements, changes of power and uncontrolled massacres are as common as in the lands of Poniente.

Precisely, Empires allows us to participate in the decisions and strategies that take place in the castles of the great lords, without of course giving up taking part in the huge battles in which the armies decide the fate of this or that territory with blood and fire .


The main game mode offers a range of possibilities almost unlimited, allowing us to select both the point at which we will start playing (from the Yellow Turbans Rebellion that marks the beginning of the end of the


Han Dynasty until shortly before the reunification end of the Three Kingdoms) as the initial role we want to take in the contest.


We can be from an important figure of the imperial army trying to keep the country together at all costs to a simple mercenary who sells his sword to the highest bidder, through the regent of a particular kingdom or a soldier who seeks to serve a man who pursues his same ideals.

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (PC) screenshot

Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires (PC) screenshotDynasty Warriors 8: Empires (PC) screenshot

From then on, our freedom of action is also quite significant. With the decisions we make, we can raise the ranks in the army under which we serve, making our councils more and more important in the councilsin which the future of the kingdom is decided.


The map of China, divided into different sections, all in continuous dispute by the warlords who try to take control of the country, will be our main point of reference. We will have to pay attention to the continuous movements that take place outside the borders


that we defend, since an alliance between two kingdoms or a surprise assault on the capital of ours can cause us to see each other suddenly (never better said if one of these attacks is directed by Lu Bu himself) with no land to call ours when we had already conquered a significant part of the mapping.