“This is no secret to anyone” – the creator of God of War spoke about the timing of the presentation of the PlayStation 5

Franchise creator God of War David Jaffe spoke out at the request of fans about the timing of the presentation of the console Playstation 5. The developer noted that this information, in fact, is no longer a secret for anyone in the industry – according to him, the system should be shown in February 2023.

“In February, they will show, like the PlayStation 4 in due time,” wrote Jaffe.

The developer, who has not been an employee of Sony for a long time, did not specify where he received such information. However, various insiders have long pointed out February as the month of the PlayStation 5 presentation.

Earlier this week, Sony announced that it would not be exhibiting at E3 2023.. Instead, she plans to focus on hosting her own events and participating in “hundreds of consumer events around the world.”

PlayStation 5 is due out in fall 2023.

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