Blade That Cuts Demons: The Endless Train tore the Japanese charts, leaving Your Name and Weather Child far behind
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Full-length animated film “Demon Cuts Blade: The Endless Train“which became a full-fledged continuation of the series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu
Moroccan sandstorm: DIRT 5 shows how dynamic weather can transform the race
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Studio Codemasters published a new gameplay video of a racing game DIRT 5, in which the authors propose to look at how dynamic weather can affect the course of the race.
Samurai Rain: Ghost of Tsushima PS4 Contributors Explain the Impact of Play Style on the Weather
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In samurai action Ghost of tsushima you can influence the weather not only by playing the flute, but also by using a certain fighting style.
In Ghost of Tsushima, the fighting style affects the weather – review addiction
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Creative leader Ghost of tsushima Nate Fox in an interview GameSpot said that the game constantly monitors the player’s behavior in battle –
Incredible weather effects and realistic clouds in the new screenshots of the alpha version of Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Companies Microsoft and Asobo studio just released new update for alpha version of flight simulator Microsoft Flight Simulator, after which testers of
They forgot about the clouds: Makoto Shinkai shared a funny fact about the creation of his latest anime “Weather Child”
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Last Wednesday, the animated film “Child of the Weather“director Makoto Shinkai released in Japan on physical media – Blu-ray and DVD
Weather forecast from David Lynch: Cult director of “Twin Peaks” has launched its own YouTube channel
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The cult figure of the world of cinema in the face of the director David Lynchknown for its attractively gloomy and surrealistic paintings “

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