cycle of day and night, weather system, multiple biomes and more – review addiction

Studio 343 Industries published a new 40-minute video in which the developers Halo infinite answered players’ questions.

  • In addition to changing day and night, the game has a weather system, including wind and fog. There will be no rain or snow storms at the start, but they may be added in the future.
  • The time of day affects the types of opponents.
  • While there are no hostile ones in the game, there are bioluminescent wildlife that can be found at night.
  • There is no two-handed shooting in the game.
  • There are no playable elites either.
  • You can pump equipment or find variations of weapons.
  • Only one type of equipment can be used in multiplayer. However, the authors are working on custom games where this setting can be changed.
  • The world of the game is not open, but tasks can be completed in different ways. An example is the mission The Silent Cartographer from Halo: Combat Evolved.
  • Multiple biomes including swamps, deadlands, and hexagonal caves, as well as Forerunner architecture to explore and an Exile base.

  • The hexagonal pillars are an important structure underlying the damaged ring.
  • The plot is linear, and access to some locations opens as you progress or find a new transport. At the same time, players will be able to move away from the main storyline and complete some side missions further along the storyline. For example, rescue the Marines and take them with you, start fighting the Exiles, or explore the area.
  • The game has audio logs and other plot elements that can be found while researching.
  • The ring in the skybox is a 3D model, which gives more realistic shadows. At one point, the ring will briefly eclipse the local star.
  • The cycle of day and night affects cutscenes, as they are done on the engine. Also in the cut scenes you can see your weapons and so on.
  • By creating forests, mountains and other environments, the developers tried to maintain a sense of scale.
  • The Exiles retained their Halo Wars 2 aesthetic, including their red war paint. Their spiked structures pierce the ground as they fall from orbit and contrast with their surroundings.
  • Various things can be dropped from the edge of the ring, including vehicles with opponents, but this is difficult to do.
  • On the ring there are not only outposts, bases, patrols and random encounters with opponents. The latter will depend on how the players explore the location (for example, on foot or by flying vehicles).

Recall that the release Halo infinite will take place this fall on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. In this case, the multiplayer game will be free.

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