Streamer CS: GO hacked cheats and could not win

It became known about the streamer, which right during the game in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive from studio Valve, turned on cheats, but still could not win.

Streamer nicknamed Sliker during his streaming CS: GO decided to resort to the help of unscrupulous programs, but this did not bring him victory. According to, the player arranged a friendly 1 on 1 battle with another gamer on his own server. He took advantage of the team that allowed him to see through the walls. Thus, Sliker saw what his opponent was doing and knew which side and when to attack. However, even the use of cheats did not help the streamer defeat his opponent, who turned out to be faster and more accurate, and therefore managed to win twice in a row.

It is worth noting that the stream itself was still December 24th. Sliker was resting playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but he could not win. Then he resorted to the help of dishonest programs. As can be seen in the video, the streamer turned on a special team and learned to see the outlines of all objects on the map. Despite the subsequent defeats, even with cheats on, Sliker only laughed after he got a shot in the head in CS: GO. It is also worth noting that the streamer still managed to win once with the cheats turned on.

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