Good morning does not happen

in point’n’click adventure plot, as a rule, is in the first place, and something new in terms of gameplay of the genre for a long time no one expects. Stasis  is no exception – in front of us the story of an ordinary person sci-fi future, caught in very unusual circumstances.

John Marachek, went to space travel with his family, wakes up in a stasis chamber after emerging from hibernation.

Awakening him not happy – instead of the end point of the route it is on a completely different spacecraft, his wife and daughter near there, and locals did not hurry to clarify the situation. More precisely, the crew “Grumleyk” (so-called kosmolot, which turned out to be the main character) and did not find, so you have to go in search of relatives, trying along the way to understand what happened.

The fact that there was something strange, can not be doubted – not a single person, but full of the dead with signs of violent death.

The ship – Research and tempted the player, of course, guessed that the death of “Grumleyka” crew certainly blame the next dangerous experiments with biological weapons, that rebelled against their creators. Abandoned ship, predatory creature that killed most of the team, and mad scientists that put experiments on people … Full set of stamps sci-fi horror, from the “Alien” and Dead Space to the “event horizon.”

However, if you initially set it at such and not wait for the game some revelations in terms of plot (and the developers have promised more on Kickstarter is a classic sci-fi horror film), the story looks “Grumleyka” quite naturally, despite the general banality.

Although, if you do not be lazy to follow the development of the plot, we can see some interesting little things that make it possible to look at what is happening from a slightly different angle, even after beating the game and answered all questions.

Stasis game review

It is typical for games ratio corpses per square meter location.

The authors do not hesitate to dispense with the heroes of the game with the maximum rigor. And it looks all the “grown-up”, without any of the grotesque, and is not limited to ordinary shredding the meat, which is now no surprise.

However, and “Blood guts” is also at the level of: John constantly have to dig into the half-decayed corpses (sometimes – directly in the bodies, and not in things or clothing) in search of valuable things a couple of times he uses the severed limbs, swims in a tank with biological waste and roams the sewer among human remains … is loathsome.

Judging by the notes of the dead, among the members of the “Grumleyka” team could find no less disgusting people, and their number exceeds all reasonable limits. One for the sake of survival is ready to kill the man who considers his friend, the other does not disdain to carry out experiments on human beings in the name of science and laments except that due to the poor quality of the “material”, and the third does the psychopath, obsessed with the idea of ​​superman. Adequate there is little, and those that are, are dying a lot faster than their selfish counterparts. However, judging by all the same log records and eloquent blood trail in each compartment, the death sooner or later overtaken everyone.

The idea with the feed of the plot by the toss of the player different notes and e-mails in the terminals is not new, but the story itself has turned out to say the least, secondary. But on the whole story “Grumleyka” does not cause desire to skip reading all these records, letters and diaries. Especially considering that it will have to deal with most of the time in between solving puzzles and scrutiny beautifully drawn levels.

Terrible beauty 

Stasis if the player returns to fifteen years ago, at the time of sunset sprite graphics, when developers began to experiment with in full 3D, as the good old sprites gradually fade into the background. The BrotherhoodIt creates a classic isometric adventure but prematurely rejoice this is not necessary, even if the games of the era you are exclusively positive memories.

“Classic”, in addition to the most beautiful locations, including a lack of any clear interface, horrible main menu, low by modern standards, resolution and animation level of the last century.

Stasis game review

“Doctor, I can play the violin after the operation?”

On the other hand, creates a unique atmosphere of the game is hand drawn levels and low resolution images – their only drawback. Some or beg on the desktop as wallpaper, some even executed so well that it seems as if it is not “heel” of the computer game, but a real picture.

All couched in the same gloomy and technical style: futuristic equipment somewhere broken, and in some cases continues to operate despite the absence of people, pools of blood, blinking emergency light and darkness deserted bays … spoil the experience except that the gait of the protagonist – his movements are unnatural and do not fit into the overall picture.

As for the sound, then it is stored in the main part of sobs and cries of John about what is happening around. Music also comes in quite rare, but where it comes to the fore, it is necessary only to place.