Events new adventures of a thief Styx place 50 years after the ending of the first game. Our jolly green friend still engaged in robbery, and cousins ​​were released they bred like rabbits and ruin the lives of people, dark elves and orcs. For their capture and destruction even created a special unit called CARNAGE

And it turns out that Styx is trapped to the captain of the squad – strong woman Helledrin. But instead of to kill a goblin thief, she offers a better deal: to get to the flying ship one diplomat and steal a magical scepter.

For it is not just let go of the Styx, but also rewarded with amber – the most important substance for the goblins, which gives them the power of the body, and life meaning. Of course, the protagonist agrees, and goes in search of the magic weapon. Of course, this is only the beginning,


Weekdays goblin thieves


Compared with the first part of the changes are not so much, but they are immediately apparent. Styx: Shards of Darkness– all the same game in the “stealth” genre, where the gamer has to hide in the corners, jumping across rooftops, climb walls, sneak to sneak past enemies and possibly avoid detection.

Styx is still weak, so is trying to fend off the blows, kill the enemy and quickly hide in a dark corner with a skirmish with the enemy. As before, the goblin may hide in closets, climb into the barrels and empty coffers. But the guards are not stupid and will be able to find our hero even there.

Deal with enemies can sneak – sneak up from behind, cut the throat or strangle. From ogriginala moved here and armored soldiers. They can not be killed by conventional means, but you can throw into the abyss (of course, if there are a breakage or platform without railings), reset on the barrel head with poison, heavy chandelier or bell. NPC have remained the same attentive and watchful, and if open – to be a long walk on the location, search, and curse the player.

In addition, local patrol routes are independent of time. So just calculate a crawl and sneak quietly out not always. I am glad also that the place of the dead man hours usually comes replacement, or even two, and it makes the game more difficult.


Styx: Shards of Darkness - review
It seems like the Styx trouble.


In the second part of the indicator has changed our visibility. The Styx: Master of Shadows on the shoulder of the goblin had a tattoo that glows when the hero becomes invisible to enemies. The Styx: Shards of Darkness in this indicator stands dagger goblin – tattoos have a green thief anymore. At the same time the hero was given a new weapon in the form of a wrist crossbow and can stow enemies at a distance. And the character has learned to climb the ropes, deftly swing at them and dancing to fly on the right wall, a balcony or cornice.

I stayed and useful for sand gameplay. It helps to extinguish the fires and killing nasty bugs or other vermin. New capacity acquired and the cocoon with the goblin-double. In the second part to create a clone, you can not just next to each other, but at a distance.

In addition, Styx can now teleport to double. For example, it is necessary to kill the guard on a nearby roof and then climb up there himself. To do this, we throw a cocoon with goblins, kill them in custody, hiding the body in the closet, and transferred to a temporary team-mate.