Spain 1936

Despite the large amount of information available, and the relatively recent in time, it is not usual to see leisure content that has to do with such a tragic moment


for our country as those that took place between 1936 and 1939. We are used to fight in all kinds of modern wars that have had little to do with our homes, command troops of nations in which we have hardly had repercussion and decide the fate of countries that are not ours. Now, with the help of AGEod and Matrix Games ,


we can recreate three of the longest years of our history, focusing on the strategic and tactical aspect. Spain 1936, in addition to an interesting simulation, it offers us a new vision of the conflict, without winners or losers, propitiating the environment for us, and our actions, which decide the end of this war … with incredible depth and great quantity of details.

Because AGEod is, for many, a synonym of great strategy perhaps greater than the famous Paradox Interactive. The French company has fostered all kinds of environments in which to test our strategic skills, recreating some of the most important conflicts in world history.


From classical Rome to World War I, through the American Civil War or the conquests of Napoleon, these developers have managed to create an engine capable of giving a depth rarely seen in the genre.


The AGE engine – Adaptive Game Engine– It has served as the basis for its products since its birth in 2006, capable of managing a large number of details so that conflicts can be recreated with a high degree of realism. For that reason, and although


it is not the first time that a title is set in the Spanish Civil War, the truth is that this time we can enjoy a fantastic and complete simulation.

Spain: 1936 (PC) Screenshot

We are facing a turn-based strategy game, although they do not develop in the usual way as we will see later, which offers 3 quick adaptation tutorials and 2 campaigns.


The initial guides will teach us to move the troops on the map, organize the Command Chain and engage in combat, essential notions and absolutely recommended if we want to immerse ourselves in this recreation of the Spanish Civil War. As for campaigns, one of them takes us to the Fall of the North and the other will


allow us to participate in the war throughout the duration of the conflict, beginning with the coup d’état in July 1936. This is the game that may result more interesting, letting us choose between the National or Republican sides, supported by Germany and Russia respectively. And, just at the beginning,

This movement takes place between the different regions, and can develop in different ways. It can be a forced march, with its harmful consequences, or a subterfuge movement tried to go unnoticed without engaging in combat against the possible enemies that appear in that region.


We also have to take into account the conditions of the terrain, which will affect the time we will need to reach our goal, which ultimately results in a new expenditure of supplies in our battalions. Spain 1936

it forces us to think well in each maneuver, unlike other titles in which we can afford to move troops from one side to another according to the enemy’s intentions. Sometimes, it will be preferable to let the enemy advance to lose much of our troops due to forced marches and lack of supplies for the trip. War will require this kind of sacrifice.