Pyre , no doubt, knows how to charm, as we told you at the first sight . In the game you fall in love from the first frame. Supergiant Games remains true to itself, and, as usual, carefully suited to the outside of his own work. It envelops a mysterious atmosphere, mellifluous lute gentle brute force and pleases the eye with stunning style. With each new game writers constantly change the setting, but the hand of the artist is always to know exactly.

The exiles can find their world charmThe exiles can find their world charm

Our alter ego – a prisoner in the world-prison called Downside. This guide all the guilty country Commonwealth citizens. By itself, a life sentence, and the majority of prisoners is carried out in a hostile world, the remains of his days. Usually very short-lived. However, there is a way back.

To earn the forgiveness of sins committed, prisoners must participate in the sacred Rite . Which, oddly enough, is strongly reminiscent of street basketball. Two teams of three “athletes” are trying to extinguish the flame of the opponents. This can be done only with the help of magical Orb , which appears each time in the middle of the field.

All participants are surrounded by a special aura, with which opponents are able to cast a few seconds. But the one who picked up “ball”, deprived of such an opportunity. Control at a time can only be one player, all others are on the spot. The basic rules are simple, but the depth of the process gives a huge amount of detail.

Horny lady talking dog, girl "is not in itself" - and this is not the most outstanding personalities among the teamHorny lady talking dog, girl “is not in itself” – and this is not the most outstanding personalities among the team

As you can guess, one of the teams is adjacent and our protagonist. It turns out, is not enough to have a group of skilled warriors three athletes. Rite – ritual mysterious, and participate in it are allowed only stars. They literally indicate where the next match will be held. To find out the location, need someone who can read both the book and the night sky. We – the same one for the team “Nightwing”.


The first watch Pyre much like on of The Banner Saga .

Heroes artist travels from one point to another, sometimes puzzles over a long road (bypass the hill through the south or north), and compete with rivals in the ritual when the punches right time. While away the satellites in the way of long and skillfully prescribed dialogues.

Initially we do not know anything about the associates or the world around us and its device. Who came up with this at all Rite slozhnosochinenny? Just as you progress through the curtain slowly begins to rise above the picture of the world. Unfortunately, by the middle of the road you know: a description of past centuries replaces the current development of history.


The action most of the time headway. Important events for a dozen hours – one, two and miscalculated. Dialogues take precedence over gameplay, and they are often about what happened. Pyre turns out, in fact, a visual novel dedicated to the disclosure of supporters and opponents. The game really does not get called “party RPG», as it promises to the official website.

Everything else seems to be only a background that afflicts. Matches paid little attention to the offensive. It is a pity, because haunted by the idea that because of competitive mechanics could get more. Team members are constantly changing – some come, others leave us prisoners.

Due to the unique abilities of each associate, not be able to find a perfect strategy and play it to the end. Pick up a good part of the Rite to the next – the occupation is very exciting.

The main trouble Pyre that it is a leisure and monotonous. It makes losing one scenario over and over again to pass on a few key points on the global map, to wade through a bunch of dialogues, to pass a series of conventional rites and one – special. Start over. And so – dozens of times.

Selection of the ball - an important stage of the matchSelection of the ball – an important stage of the match

Dialogues are written skillfully, this does not take away. Supergiant Games has grown expert in the literary component of the fine. Any character – friend or foe – has its own character and unique manner of speech, expressed exclusively syllable. Voice acting in the conventional sense is absent, the actors read out only a small replica in the fictional dialect, emphasizing the emotional color of a phrase.

Adventure begins promisingly. Only an hour passed, then another, and another. And it happens nothing new. I feel like a squirrel in a wheel, which seems to be run that is forces, but actually remains in place. By the end gets longer with the thought: “When this is over,” On the other hand, Pyre  difficult to throw. Although, if only because it does not bother to admire how and enjoy the music.

Soundtrack in previous projects the studio was at the height, but the authors have simply outdone themselves here. Most of this is calm post-rock motifs and beautiful ballads but sometimes composers podkidyvayut and something heavier. Diverse melodies, catchy and, most importantly, constitute a single musical canvas.

The game has a separate competitive mode, where you can take a team of any character.  It is a pity only local multiplayerThe game has a separate competitive mode, where you can take a team of any character. It is a pity only local multiplayer

If you’re lucky, you become attached to the characters. Among them are many colorful personalities. During a joint adventure you will learn about their past, the reasons for the expulsion and motives. Your attitude to the characters, to ultimately determine the attitude to Pyre in general. Like his comrades, feeling for linking bonds – simple game if not all, but many. At least it seems that way conceived Supergiant Games.

Pyre is trying to masquerade party role-playing game, but is a mixture of visual novels with a sports simulator. Moreover, the first ingredient – a lot more. Cocktail that, quite frankly, for an amateur. But of those, it is worth trying to.