Global IT-war: Microsoft may buy TikTok?

President of the U.S.A Donald Trump I intend shortly to deny the country a popular application for recording short videos TikTok… These actions are dictated by the growing conflict between Washington and Beijing.

Specifically TikTok recently came under a storm of criticism. According to the hackers and experts, the application not only collects data on names, addresses and passwords, but also information about the location of the user, Internet activity and other applications installed on smartphones.

According to the plan of the White House, the black list include the Chinese company ByteDance, Created TikTok and its counterpart for the internal market of China under the name Douyin (More censored). The application itself can recognize “a threat to national security.”

“We can and prohibit TikTok can do, and something else.” – said the head of state.

In this guide ByteDance recently tried to distance itself from the TikTok, having spent a number of personnel changes. In particular, in May 2023 TikTok CEO and COO ByteDance was appointed ex-chairman Disney Relations with customers and International Development Kevin Mayer, responsible for the successful launch of the platform strimingovoy Disney +

In July, Meyer began to act. In particular, he announced that the administration TikTok opened for expert community access to data on the moderation in real time and the system of content moderation. In addition, the company, which in the United States employs more than a thousand people, formed a fund of $ 200 million and promised to create 10,000 new jobs in the United States.

According to a top manager, the application has become a target of criticism due to its Chinese origin. At the same time, he sharply criticized the aggressive actions FacebookThat “under the guise of patriotism,” hopes to crush competitors. In particular, the company Mark Zuckerberg It is taken just two attempts to create clones TikTok (application Lasso and Reels).

Application of ByteDance used by more than 100 million Americans in the world of its downloaded more than one billion times. Therefore, Meyer said the ban TikTok negative impact on the advertising market of the USA.

“Disappear competition – will disappear, and the creative energy in the United States,” – he said.

Even more firmly expressed the general manager of the US TikTok Vanessa Pappas

“We are here for a long time”, – she said.

If the United States will contribute to the black list TikTok, it will not be a precedent. At the end of June in India have banned 59 Chinese applications, finding them “a threat to the sovereignty and the country’s defense.” Tough action related to the Sino-Indian conflict on the border, which has suffered more than 60 people (have died).

However, possible workarounds. As the The New York TimesAllegedly in talks with ByteDance MicrosoftWhich is interested in acquiring a stake in TikTok.

An alternative plan is that the Chinese company will sell its controlling stake in non-Chinese investors, among which will include Sequoia Capital, SoftBank and General Atlantic. It will be expensive, because the application is estimated at 50 billion dollars, and the whole ByteDance – $ 100 billion.

Presumably, this is the “something else” from Trump: US authorities intend to force the ByteDance refuse the package TikTok shares deprived of control over the work of the US application. But there is a new threat for the US side might be very interested in collecting information about users in other countries.

Why Microsoft needs TikTok, while it is impossible to say exactly, although it is possible that the company is interested in the application the audience to promote strimingovoy platform xCloud

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