South Park Dial-ups, we tried the first three hours of play

Difficulty Mode: Black
One of the most important moments when taking on the adventures of a video game is surely, if present, that of creating the character. What looks like our virtual alter ego in the adventure? Certainly a big problem, but that usually does not affect the game and that remains purely a challenge for the player: not in Difficult Clashes.
In this case the color of the skin corresponds to the level of challenge, with the adventure that increases the difficulty for the player who chooses typical blackskin carnagas (who knows how they ever do them …). Once you get rid of the novel, that those who have played Stick of Truth will surely remember, we are going to take part in the superhero faction,
A simple idea, but leaves the title writers the freedom to break the unexplored paths of reason, between stories completely out of the head, and a system of skills that puts its foundations on superheroes that are squeezed between their own actions are either discouraged or unlikely sexual artifacts.
Through an initial narrative phase we do not want to spoil you anymore, as it will also be interesting to find out the different steps we’ve been through the explanation of the game mechanics until we get to the section of the Night Club we told you earlier during the test dedicated to E3 2017, and you can find the article on this link .
South Park Dial-ups, we tried the first three hours of play

Small bastards
South Park In-fighting clashes take the solid foundation of a classic turn-key strategy, astonish the basic principles and bring them back to the player in a mix that is easy to understand but complex enough to master.
 The map is usually rectangular, divided into squares, very small, the number of characters inside it does not exceed 4 per team, and the variables in the game are dictated primarily by the range of skills, the relative buff and debuff that arise (between whose status is “in flames” and “disgusting”), cooldown shifts and individual movement abilities.
Regarding skills, each superhero class has three distinct features, plus the super; the player can choose more than one class and form their own set of actions by drawing on what each one makes available to them.
In this way, starting from a remote class, for example, you can choose another devotee to close combat to balance it, or opt for that with dining skills, giving the youngster the ability to perform in healing dances.
Outside of the fighting, the smartphone will guide us through the various activities as access hubs, on the one hand the improvement tree through the artifacts and the missions diary, and on the other the map and the app social coonstagram.
The exploration of the city is in fact the starting point for dealing with the adventure and the smartphone is the best tool to keep everything under control. To explore each and every one of them, as well as discovering the backdrop of each character, who will obviously be more politically misguided than the other, are the heart of all the adventure of these wretched superheroes, on mission to save the world from depravity.
Meanwhile, we will be given the time to take on secondary courses that will accompany us during the adventure, from gaining popularity through the Social Network above the struggles against the various media bullets.
Everything goes hand in hand in that crazy and unhappy narrative universe that runs between ruthlessness and perplexity, never laughs at the rhythm of laughter, and also throws up some spanking well-adapted to the uses and customs of modern times.