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Usually NetherRealm Studios works according to the “one game every two years” scheme, alternating new parts Mortal kombat and Injustice. Therefore, after the release of the next project, updates for the previous one cease to be released. This time the team Eda boone going to support the game longer than usual. We got a big story extension for MK11 – Aftermath. The full version also became available. Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath Kollection, which includes all extensions at once.

The addition includes five new story chapters, clothes and three fighters: Shiva, Fujin and Robocop. In addition, all MK11 players (whether they bought a DLC or not) received the long-awaited Stage Fatality, Friendship and classic arenas for free.

New finishing looks as always powerful, spectacular and in a good way absurd. However, for me personally the fatality has long lost some value. Most often I just make an uppercut to quickly start the next battle, and the next set of inventive kills does not really impress me.

Another thing is funny and sometimes funny Friendship, in which there are a lot of jokes and references to the first parts of the series, as well as to various popular phenomena. The players warmly received these “finishes,” and Jacks, playing the saxophone, quickly turned into a meme, which scattered across social networks.

Arenas also turned out to be very worthy. Dead Pool and Soul Chamber are new highly detailed decorations that recognize famous locations from the second and third parts. Retro Arcade, in turn, plays on nostalgic feelings: the arena looks like an arcade arcade with a large screen and a projector, which in turn broadcast pixel backdrops from the classic Mortal Kombat. All three locations turned out to be interesting.

Story Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath continues the events of the original campaign from the same moment where they stopped in the final plot. Chapter numbering follows previous episodes. In order not to spoil the experience for those who still do not know how it all ended, I can only say that the heroes need a special artifact to correct the current situation. This was reported by Fujin, Night Wolf and Shan Tsung who escaped from the void. Now the heroes have to go to the past.

The brave trinity goes in search of an artifact led by a cunning sorcerer, whose role is played by a famous actor Carey Hiroyuki Tagawa. The latter often sharpens, teases his companions and behaves appropriately to the villain, who finds himself in the company of good guys.

The authors simply could not do without references. Phrases like “It has begun” or variations on the theme “Your soul is mine” break out from the mouth of Shan Tsung. All this, together with advanced facial animation and magnificent staging creates a cinematic atmosphere. Sometimes you don’t even want to be distracted by the gameplay.

Fighting scenes delight the eye with spectacle and ingenuity. Sometimes the characters work in a team and use each other’s abilities to increase the fighting pressure. For example, in order to cope with a crowd of opponents, Fujin swirls the Night Wolf like a meat grinder in a whirlwind, and he, using axes, instantly deals with enemies.

Looking at the high quality of local screensavers, you involuntarily think about the lack of need for a new full-length film adaptation.

It is also important to note that in the last chapter you can choose the character that you will play, and the end of the plot depends on it.

Despite the fact that the story can not boast of unpredictability, the writers try to play on the expectations of the audience and maintain a fragile intrigue for as long as possible.

Globally, the whole situation seems understandable and simple, but unexpected plot details and some twists and turns can surprise fans, especially those who closely monitor the plot of the series from the very beginning.

The structure of the script is designed in such a way as to maximize the use of additional characters, as well as demonstrate new arenas. In separate chapters, we are allowed to play for Night Wolf, Fujin, Shiva, Shan Tsung, Sindel, and even Shao Kahn.

In addition, the writers tried to better work out the world and reveal the characters of the characters.

After going through the original MK11 story, I got the impression that the developers specifically want to complete all the storylines in order to postpone the series, and then after a while restart it again. After the Aftermath finale, it seems that restarting the universe may be much earlier.

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