Sony has figured out how to play bananas – the creators of the PlayStation filed an unusual patent

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Netizens noticed a new patent registered by the company Sony Interactive Entertainment… The document dates back to last year, but it is only now being discussed. The concept on paper is really unusual – the platform holder is experimenting with ideas, within the framework of which, thanks to a special camera, absolutely any object can be turned into a game controller

The essence of the idea is as follows – the camera reads the object that you are holding in your hands, determines its size and shape, and assigns it to be used in virtual space. The patent cites ordinary bananas as an example, which, in the camera lens, turn into a replacement for a gamepad.

However, the matter is not limited to bananas alone. The document mentions that if you wish, you can use a variety of household and interior items in a similar way. Pens, glasses, mugs or even oranges can turn into game manipulators… The only requirement is that the object must not emit light so that the camera can work correctly with its shape.

How exactly items will function in games may depend directly on the developers. They will be free to identify suitable items for their projects and how to interact with them. For example, the same bananas can turn into paired motion controllers. And on the smooth surface of the board, certain buttons can be projected.

Of course, as is the case with other patents, it is important to remember that not all ideas live up to their implementation. Accordingly, banana controllers risk forever being just an interesting theoretical idea. Sony

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