Now it is difficult to believe, but once the game about Sonic was really outstanding. In the era of Mega Drive they can boast not only advanced graphics and energetic soundtrack, but also, most importantly, verified and drayvovym gameplay.

The transition to 3D was given a hedgehog is not as easy as Mario, whose game is literally a revolution in the genre. Podserial Adventure although he was loved by the people, but suffered from curvature and made vain focuses on research hub and the so-called plot (and in addition also spawned a whole generation of fans who wanted to see more drama between the furry heroes).

After that, Sonic began to fall sharply in the public eye, and finally turned into a mockery, to participate in any miserable crafts, that Sega continued to spit out every year on the market. No matter how good an idea or a new adventure looked at first glance, the final product turned out to be definitely spoiled for one reason or another.

Designed to revive the legend Sonic the Hedgehog in 2006 turned an indelible stain of shame, and in the end the most worthy, that managed to create over the years, became Sonic Generations, but even there were problems. It became apparent that neither Sonic Team, no Dimps, engaged in handheld games, simply do not understand how to do a really good game of blue hedgehog.

Review of Sonic Mania

We can rebuild him. We have the technology

And who knows? Of course, die-hard fans, for many years now on enthusiasm alone produces a variety of hacks favorite games. Most successful in this people under the nicknames Taxman and Stealth. So much so that Sega agreed to entrust them with Sonic CD port on the console, and then the first two parts of the mobile device.

Approaching the matter seriously, craftsmen are not limited to emulation of the curve, and no less than to recreate the game on its own engine, which made it possible to achieve the ideal performance and support for a wide mode.

Due to the success and credibility of reprints Taxman and Stealth got a go-ahead for the creation of new high-grade 2D-game. Joined the project and PagodaWest Games, in which the composition, along with people who had previously held fansite HD remake of Sonic 2, also spoke Tee Lopes, composer, addictive remixes of classic tunes.

Thus he gathered together a real dream team, whose enthusiasm has finally received official support. The result of their joint efforts and became the Sonic Mania.

Sonic races through the green fields

In the first minutes of acquaintance with the game feeling can be contradictory. What? Again Green Hill Zone? Yes, how can something? This area in various guises in the series met ten times, no less. But do not jump to conclusions.

The most important thing is that you control the same Sonic with his usual speed, behaving exactly as it should be – it does not lose momentum from scratch, does not stick to the walls and ceiling in a squalid Sonic 4. Familiar with childhood tricks on acceleration jumps and leaps in the right direction with the inclined planes work perfectly, and here comes the realization that this is the first game in 1994, which managed to perfectly recreate the behavior of Sonic in two dimensions.

The only significant change is the replacement of the usual insta-shield on Drop Dash, which allows you to charge the acceleration in the air and do not lose speed when landing. To adjust to this reception can be very effective maneuver, attack enemies and not being distracted by the unwinding of Spin Dash, climb the steep wall.

Review of Sonic Mania

So, having passed the first act of respectable size, arranged in a whole area of ​​the original, you will find that the second act is very different from it in everything.

Multi-layered background is please unprecedented detail on the Mega Drive and the unique architecture and original fixtures for platforming give new sensations. Having found the fire shield (which in the original and did not exist), and ran through the prickly wooden bridge, you will discover with delight that the developers came to realize this interaction with the environment, which Mega Drive was clearly not capable. And there are moments in the course of the passage will be set.

The sun races through a blue sky filled with white clouds


Review of Sonic Mania