The details are recomposed

This means that by downloading the free package you get now the whole story, including three chapters, with the addition of some advertising that can be removed with the specific in-app purchase, of course recommended for those who do not want advertising interference but not necessarily mandatory, considering that these are not excessively invasive.

The details are recomposed

Of course for a title that is based entirely on immersion in history and atmosphere can still be a total closure to annoying references to the rutilant world of the store, there is no doubt about this, but it is positive that you can still enjoy of


The Detail in complete form also by performing the free download, an advantage that must also be considered in the overall evaluation of the game. The features are those already debated at the time of the first chapter, with this new version that is only a content extension,


but the fact that the story is now complete makes the game Rival Games finally an experience self-conclusive and satisfying, at least for this first season, awaiting future developments with further narrative arcs. It is an investigative adventure,


built as a sort of interactive comic with noir and police tones, which in the intentions of the authors recalls the atmosphere of historical series like The Wire, although the results achieved in terms of narration and dialogues are not really all height of maximum productions.


Let’s go back to the investigation with the complete version of The Detail, now free-to-play


The Detail is a mature product, with several non-trivial choices, which despite an obvious stereotypy of characters and situations can still be interesting and appreciated even by the most demanding lovers of the genre.


It is clearly indebted to the Telltale series as a general setting, giving absolute precedence to the narrative with respect to the classic gameplay of the adventures point and click, but manages to build its own identity thanks to the style adopted and the depth of the story.


Each screen requires interaction with various elements of scenery and characters , reducing the riddles to a recomposition of evidence and elements on which to make choices throughout history.

The details are recomposed

These are the basics of the involvement required of the player: more than the work of searching and composing puzzles based on the use of the inventory and the like,


The Detail requires taking positions, taking attitudes and acting accordingly, with choices which then have a certain weight in the development of history. Unfortunately, this element, which for a good part characterizes the entire gaming experience, shows weaknesses, continuing from chapter to chapter, until it reveals its relatively low weight in the final episode,


“The Devil in the Detail”. It is also a common problem with Telltale adventures, although it is revealed in these to a lesser degree:to carry forward a complex narrative structure like that of The Detail, freedom of choice was necessarily limited, channeled on some pre-established alternatives that nevertheless show more superficial variations than anything else.


In this way, a solid and flawless story remains, allowing the player to take an active part without making any structural distortions and for this reason it is especially suitable for graphic novelists and TV series lovers who want a mainly passive entertainment experience. but with a certain degree of personalization.