On the first day of autumn to your PC I got an indie project, which drew our attention – Songbringer . Of course, inspired by the immortal classics. This time muse, albeit at a stretch, was the The Legend Of Zelda 1986 release. I think that if someone played the original adventures of Link, you remember it a little bit and just good.

The same The Legend Of Zelda 1986

The same The Legend Of Zelda 1986

It seems that especially for those lovers of old school and left the game Songbringer . Nathaniel Weiss ( hello, Luba ), which is the driving force behind the Wizard Fu Games is , decided to pay tribute to the legend and make a – a blackjack, and … well, you understand.

The game is immediately intriguing screensaver and music that are instantly immersed in the very atmosphere, from which a child heart-stopping … If your childhood had hits on the NES , of course.

Beautiful space pixel types.

Beautiful space pixel types.

Next, we moved into the generated fantasy world in which, by the way, the location of all depends on its name, which you enter at the beginning, which involves a huge number of options, which means that you will return to play again and again … in theory .

Plot complication – we come to after the crash, we take away the fact that it is not necessary to touch (nanomech) , and evil is awakened. We have problems. We need to understand. Classic, in general. And ahead of us, quests, puzzles and dungeons with monsters. All this is served, by the way, with a sense of humor , not a transcendent pathos, as often happens.

Do not take someone else's.

Do not take someone else’s.

The visual component is made in someone loved, and someone hated pixel arte. Wizard Fu Games is to pay tribute for his efforts with the environment: a dynamic light, day and night, changing weather. Torch in the cave covers only a small part of the hole in the ceiling shines moonlight, and how nice it looks pixel rain … Done all well and good, but sometimes difficult to understand what is on the screen – just part of the environment, the hidden enemy, and can , something useful…

We were attacked by ... um ... the ghost of my hairstyles 2007?

We were attacked by … um … the ghost of my hairstyles 2007?

By the way, about the enemy . Here, their great variety: from scorpions and difficult identifiable … uh … thing … to demons and porcupines. They differ in size, number and variety of attacks. And, since it’s still not a slasher, just chopped you do not get. It is necessary to wait and study the enemy’s attack. In general, prepare to die a lot . Hardcore in the game there, but for the most rescued a mode of one life. In the battles with the bosses will be difficult. Yes, Songbringer, as in any self-respecting game, there are bosses. And sweat is necessary to them.


How can survive in this inhospitable world? After pumping, the inherent RPG – no, except for increases in health after defeating the boss. Come to the aid of the local system of crafting . Items in the neighborhood a lot, and by combining them, you will be able to survive, because the farther into the forest, the more difficult, so do not forget to craft and implement found. For fans of the teachings of Don Juan there is even the possibility of using cacti, if you know what I mean … But not only enemies will disturb you, but still above the puzzles will have to sweat . Somewhere you need to get the key, somewhere to move the stone, and so on. So use your loaf is over what.

Summarize. We have an interesting indie project, are expected to honor Old School , performed in the style of pixel art with procedurally-generated world dungeon with various monsters and bosses, crafting and riddles. It seems to be solid pros, but to a wider audience the product does not go down . Times are not the same. But for oldfagov and connoisseurs of something specific – the most it.