Song of the Deep

Finding Nemo. And Pope 

Song of the Deep tells the story of how a girl searching for her father, a fisherman, who once did not return from the sea.

After waiting for him on the bank of hours on end, she decided not to give up, in the home make the submarine and went in search of the pope. And there, under the water, things are no less amazing than the girl shipbuilder, – talking mermaids, crabs, traders …

However, discard the excess of irony – the writers have come up with really touching, beautifully written and delivered a story that leaves no one indifferent.

And the artists and sound engineers have done everything that it was perceived at the level of quality of the animated film. Graphics, design, music, sound very encouraging, plunging us into the atmosphere of underwater adventures.

In their search for the heroine not only examines coral reefs and shoals of fish scares. It is a cemetery of dead ships, submerged ruins of some cities and temples, floating in darkness in underwater caves, meets strange aggressive creatures (a clear reference to the Vortex of Ecco the Dolphin ), communicates with the mermaids, fights with jellyfish and huge waterfowl spiders.

All this is accompanied by a stylish hand-drawn illuminations and invisible voiceover narrator (immediately reminded Bastion ), and everything is subordinated to one goal – to find dad. For the sake of our girl and is ready to trade with crabs, mermaids and sad to help.

“Pimp” submarine! 

Mechanics Song of the Deep standard for Metroidvania-genre. Girl in a submarine freely explores the underwater world, fighting, solves puzzles, collecting coins, looking for secrets, treasures and special items that allow, for example, to improve the armor of a submarine.

And, of course, opens up new capabilities that help solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and traps, and most importantly, to penetrate into previously inaccessible locations.

Song of the Deep game review

The desire to get where you are not allowed until, – the driving force behind all of these games.

First, we give a hook that can shoot at enemies, grab on to something (for example, the lever that opens the door) and cling subjects. Then our little submarine learns to accelerate, a flashlight to illuminate District (scares some stubborn jellyfish), and even shoot torpedoes, expenses of the special energy.

After that, the same torpedoes can just blow up the stone walls and the doors, which previously prevented swim to the next treasure. Finally, at some point, the girl will find an artifact that allows her to get out of the submarine and swim freely under water, to, say, get into impassable places for submarines.

For the collected coins from the above-traders crabs we buy “upgrades” ability – to increase the power and duration of the acceleration, the damage of the hook, add torpedoes property peculiar traps and so on.

Here you are going all the way to shoot torpedoes, grab hook levers and objects, drag bombs and heads of some statues to put them in place and open the next door.

Of course, there are some really interesting situation, riddles and traps – we follow the glowing fish, to whom back pain biting the algae, are playing hide and seek with the currents or overcome their own, grasping hook for anchor and moving on him, like the ladder, higher and higher. But all this is less than desirable.

World Song of the Deep , its mythology also worked out not as thoroughly – they have less trust. Although very desirable.

Finally, the increased complexity inherent in most of these games (especially the first part of Ecco the Dolphin!), There often is not connected with the work of game designers, and with awkward controls when using a mouse and keyboard – gamepad is highly recommended!