Nowadays, it is easy to pass for old school. Even pays tribute to New Order all modern trends once called retro-shooter, not to mention the Shadow Warrior or restarted, especially about Shovel Knight. But it is worth to try these old games, and you can see how far from the source of his inspiration made in imitation of our days.

Another matter – Axiom Verge, this game is not limited to quoting the classics and the pixel-art. Mostly it felt like a newfound game of the SNES era, unsold copies was lying all these years, rusting in the warehouse. To the point that I want to get it and blow the cartridge.

Review of Axiom Verge

The plot begins in 2005, and it is obviously the future, as it occurs in the event of this kind, some taken to occur in the future, as long as it has not yet come. Trace young scientist and his assistant conducting an experiment ended, as expected, an accident. Waking up alone, the hero finds himself in a different world – the dead, filled with monsters and gradually coming into disrepair reasonable mechanisms. But a mysterious voice addresses him. Following his advice, Tracy goes on a journey.

Further history is not uniform. Turned to the side of the player it’s easy, and only turn easily predictable. But the background story involves a lot of ideas, from the illusory worlds in “The Matrix” style to the General Theory of Everything.

In general, nothing in Axiom Verge does not issue that has made her one person, and literally, from the ground up, and not just assembled. Picture budget is composed of repeating units and is similar to the beginning of the generation projects of 16-bit. But bosses mechanisms and important elements drawn carefully, the background create a sense of gloomy depth, and strictly seasoned stylistics solve the main problem – it shows the Axiom with the right hand, and to understand what kind of game to see some screenshots enough. And if you like them, you will almost certainly have to taste herself Verge.

Review of Axiom Verge

Verge is similar to the “Metroid” and does not hide it. And it is representative of the genre in its purest form, without the “Vania” with its infusing elements of RPG. As usual, the hero explores a large, but enclosed space, gradually finding devices that allow to penetrate more and more inaccessible places. Upgrades look original, but the analogy are obvious: for example, if Samus to enter into the narrow passage, would curled into a ball, Trace for the same purpose puts your mind in a brisk managed drone. At first it seems that when the Verge of imitation object recedes, it is only in order to cite some other game of the ’90s, like Bionic Commando, where borrowed allowing cling to the ceiling hook.

Gameplay stressed “oldsuklen”. The hero no to easily deal with a variety of opponents combo or special acrobatic skills, so despite the convenient and responsive handling, shoot monsters on the approach or avoid them is not so simple. We have to proceed with caution, opportunities to shoot enemies from a distance or right arms through the walls, and whenever possible – use AI stupidity and find it inaccessible to the “dead zone.” This is especially important against the ugly giant bosses. In general, people are still playing now retro, will feel at home. The rest of the game risks seem daunting even to Normal.

Review of Axiom Verge

A couple of hours is glyukopushku Trace, and this time the game is copy the 90 partially converted to their reconsideration. The fact that the path of the hero often block the anomaly, visually similar to appearing in the games on cartridges dusty artifacts. Blow the contacts in the hope that saliva somehow affect them good, fortunately, does not require – fight fire with fire