Terrible hotel 

Skyhill offers a very unusual survival formula. Young businessman Perri Dzheyson came to an unnamed town on business, took the VIP-penthouse in the luxury hotel, but a couple of days after his mansion turned into a fortified base.

Many years of war between the Confederation and the New Europe (yes, the action takes place in an alternate universe) turned into a large-scale biological attack, and now most people are either dead or turned into monsters. Including residents of the hotel Skyhill, where Jason lives Perry.

Before him stood the dilemma of how to die, either out of desperation, hunger and thirst in their reliably protected room, or brave in battle, trying to still escape. Perry chose the latter, and now we are together with them will gradually descend to a hundred floors down to the exit, along the way collecting resources and fighting monsters.


the most important resource for Perry is the food. Each descent to one flight of stairs down to each call in the room to the left or right of it takes a certain amount of food, and when its stock down to zero, the character begins to lose health points. The descent on the elevator is less expensive, but many floors does not operate electricity, and we have to fix it, spending a precious resources and energy.

Sweeping the with the mouse boxes, boxes, shelves and corpses, you can find the most different food – high-calorie chocolate bar or, for example, rotten pepper that with a probability of 50% will poison you and take 8 points of health.

Something has to have at once – especially when hunger looms, and nearby there is the saving elevator. And what is better to take to my room: there, in the kitchen, according to the recipe can be prepared from different ingredients, some more nutritious meal.

Skyhill game review

No communication, moral choice and care of survivors. And no friends …

Crazy hands

the same place, in the VIP-room, there is a bench and a bed. On the bed you sleep – every hour of rest makes you hungrier, but restores health. However, during sleep can happen something unexpected – prividitsya nightmare or, for example, someone wake her scream. In this case, the rest will not bring the desired relief. If you dream of something good, and no one will disturb the effect, of course, it will be even more favorable than you bargained for.

To reduce the possibility of trouble, it is necessary to make “upgrade” to the front door. A dream to regenerate more health, should be improved bed. All this can be done on a workbench.

On it you are the master of found junk various useful items (gears, sticks, nails, duct tape, generator, etc.), which will be spent on equipping rooms (including the kitchen and the most bench), for the manufacture of different weapons, as well as repair of elevators equipment.

Finally, Perry is able to make their own medicines from found bandages, pills and bottles with alcohol. Recipes are available at the same time it was originally, and “upgrade” of the bench and the kitchen opens up new.

Beat the first, Perry!

Hunger is not my aunt, but the monsters are even worse – they can send to the forefathers, even well-fed Perry. Especially if he fights with his bare hands. “Boomstick” in Skyhill not, so you have to wield knives, hatchets, pipes and even brooms. On the bench you can make something more powerful. Or negotiate some steep double-edged sword, one of the few survivors, randomly encountered on one of the floors, in exchange for a cheese sandwich.

Sami battles – it is always a duel, with step by step. Each attack on the line, and you can select the affected area – in the head, arms or torso. Get into his head, of course, difficult, but the damage will be greater. Perry misses the mark more often than monsters, but his health is initially many times more. However, on the lower floors (not to mention the first) across very tenacious and impressive mutants.

Skyhill game review

Some doors are closed and you have to look for keys and access cards.