Top 35 facts about Project CARS 3: All the fun with Bandai Namco’s private presentation and Slightly Mad Studios

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Companies Slightly mad studios and Bandai namco showed an early version of a racing game Project CARS 3 and shared information about the project. We have compiled for you a list of the 35 most important details and we hasten to share it in this material.

  • The new simulator is dedicated to the culture of motorsport and the spirit of competition.
  • There will be a full career and a new metagame.
  • The developers have invested a lot of time in developing the system of experience, increasing the level and obtaining new powerful parts for cars.
  • At the same time, they immediately reassured the audience – there will be no microtransactions.
  • Career mode completely redefined. A course was taken towards an interesting progression, not authenticity. The developers have left the PC2 variant and now reward gamers for actions in the game.
  • A career offers activity sets built around cars of a particular class. At the beginning there is a class E, then D, C and so on. It ends with supercars and GT cars.
  • There will also be investment and challenges in the career.
  • If the player does not want to wait, then he can open the later stages for the credits that he earns in racing.
  • The difficulty level can be adjusted according to two parameters: AI (difficulty and aggressiveness of opponents) and assistants (in control, steering, braking, anti-lock braking system, stability control, traction control system, strip on the track and proximity indicator).
  • The higher you set the settings, there will get more experience. The developers have shown that you can raise the modifier to 32% of the experience bonus (perhaps this value can be raised even higher).
  • The main goal of flexible settings is to make the game interesting for all types of players, without trimming the well-developed physical model for those who want hardcore, while encouraging users to develop their skills.
  • Additional experience can be gained by completing tasks within each race. For example, make seven perfect turns, overtake 10 unique opponents or have time to finish in a certain time.
  • A new system of improvements and a metagame should increase the interest of gamers. Actions in all modes bring money and experience that help you buy cars and new parts.
  • Details greatly affect the behavior of the car on the road and can even change the performance index of the car (this mechanics is familiar to gamers in the Forza Motorsport series).
  • You can change tires, brakes, adjust the weight of the car, body, air intake, camshaft, fuel injection system, engine block, boost, differential, transmission and suspension.
  • Project CARS 3 returns “Praise”.
  • In total, there can be up to 32 cars on the track.
  • Multiplayer has three main sections: Quick play, Scheduled events and Lobby.
  • “Quick game” works through a smart system for selecting gamers according to their level of driving skills and safety on the road and allows you to instantly start the race online.
  • “Planned events” are also focused on the competitive game, but all the events and their rules were created in a special way by the developers themselves. Here is a list of activities by date and time. These races are longer and start in the region where the user lives. In the beginning you need to get qualified – this is how the game determines your place on the field. The race itself starts according to the schedule – there you will find yourself with the other players who signed up for the event, qualified and appeared at the event. At the same time, the game groups the audience by skill level and security rating.
  • For those who want to play by their own rules, a “Lobby” is provided. Here you can create and customize online races to your liking and invite friends from the network there. This applies not only to the choice of route, the number of laps, and so on, but also the driving settings and the appearance of the cars.
  • Developers are preparing network connectivity improvements for Project CARS 3 (relative to the sequel) to minimize lags.
  • The game will feature the asynchronous multiplayer Rivals mode with its own rank system with daily, weekly and monthly rewards and a leaderboard. He replaced the monthly community events, which were presented in the second part.
  • This time, the leaderboards are divided into divisions (Platinum, Gold 3, Gold 2, Gold 1, Silver 3 and so on). This, together with the variability of the challenges, should motivate gamers to return to the game more often and try to improve their performance, even if they are far from the top.
  • To help in the Rivals mode, the game loads the ghost of the closest user from the leaderboard so that you can clearly see what the opponent was doing.
  • You can decorate the car with the help of various rims, numbers, factory colors, pre-created by the developers of the pictures or manually created liveries.
  • You can show your designs online and in fashion.
  • The developers returned events that users can create themselves – Custom Event. Here you can organize any race and ride on any car, even if you have not opened it for your garage.
  • In the Custom Event, any weather effects are available, including the rate of change of weather conditions on the track and how they will change.
  • There will be new tracks. For example, the neon streets of Shanghai and São Paulo (Brazil).
  • The past two games have been heavily steering oriented. In the triquel, the developers updated the steering system on the gamepads so that all fans of the racing genre could enjoy the project, and not just the owners of specialized manipulators.
  • For deeper immersion, new graphic effects of the post-process, motion blur, camera shake and collision effects were added.
  • A strong upgrade was received by a camera with a view from the 3rd person.
  • Developers are also improving AI for a believable career-mode game.

The game will be released in the summer of 2020 on PC (Steam), PS4 and Xbox One..

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