Shining Elementalist – Cosplay on Qiyana from League of Legends

The cosplay model under the nickname Vito recreated the image of Qiyana from the virtual group True Damage in the League of Legends. The pictures were published in the group of the photographer Daria Mezentseva in VKontakte.

Riot Games introduced the True Damage virtual group in early November. It included Jung Soyeon So Yong, Becky G, Lauren Kayyana Keke Palmer, Jared Duckwrth Lee, Umar Thutmose Ibrahim and their avatars Qiyana, Senna, Akali, Ekko and Yasuo. The team performed the composition of the Giants at the opening ceremony 2019 World Championship, and also released an animation clip for this song. November 10 in League of Legends added the appropriate images for the champions.

At the end of December, summed up the results of 2019 in cosplay, collecting the best works in different genres. You can see them here.

Qiyana from True Damage
Source: Torati photo

  • Cosplayer: Vito.
  • Photographer: Daria Mezentseva.