Shadow Warrior 2

The protagonist – the same ninja Lo Wang, after the events of the original, and a retired sundowner. Do one of the orders,

Wang once again finds himself in the center of events that can completely change the fate of the world. Meeting with old friends, new friends and enemies, the irrepressible protagonist, letting go of their favorite jokes in any, even desperate, situations – a series of traditions met in full.

Thanks to the excellent work of the designers, the world has turned all the same unusual and memorable. A mixture of Asian culture and mythology, cyberpunk and absolutely incomprehensible devilry, flavored with typical humor on the brink of a foul, is reflected literally in everything – from the appearance of the weapon to the behavior of the protagonists. But to be honest, not knowing all the vicissitudes of the previous parts, understand what is happening without a bottle of sake at once will not work.

You can delve into reading “vanglopedii” in which, in addition to information about weapons and enemies, collected various records found Wang while traveling around the world, but it does not give answers to all the questions raised by a beginner.

There is an opinion that in such a genre story is not in the first place, so the attitude is often frivolous and developers and players. But with SW2 

The situation has turned out a bit different – the world has a history stretching back to the previous parts, but the beginner will be very difficult to understand the essence of it.

In addition, it is waiting for it, most likely, what was shown in the trailer – cheerful shredding enemies by stopping the music.

In fact, the action now and then interrupted by a long conversation, revealing the plot, with staging is always the same – to interview Luo Wang with a first-person with the next character.

All this is not the best way affects the perception of the plot – the spectacular cut scenes are not found, and the notorious dialogues are too long, and “breaks” the thrill of passing.

Only run the level, shoot or cut into the meat dozen other opponents want more – but you shoved another talk for a few minutes, which are those who have not played in the first part, still do not understand.

Shadow Warrior 2 review

Cyborgs “Zilla-corpse” – perhaps the most dull opponents: mechanical enemies are not so interesting to tear to shreds as demons or humans.
Characters do not just talk a lot, but also give various quests – plot and side. Execute them whenever possible (plus some are available for re-transmission), but it is necessary to take into account that the completion of the key missions closes access to the previous one.
If you want to explore all that it is not necessary to run a campaign at a breakneck pace – in some places come back no longer.

Almost all locations are created by procedural generation. However, a special sense of it is not visible: the levels will still get pretty monotonous, they are going to based on several templates – there is a forest, town, village …

Maps corridor and not very extensive, so entangled in their easy, despite tips on mini- map. On the other hand, if desired, nothing prevents the entire run to the target level by enemies. But it is unlikely someone will avoid fighting in the “meat” of the shooter – on the contrary, opponents want more and more, to make it a place to roam.
Villains here enough – by the yakuza, with swords and pistols to the absolutely amazing monsters. Some inflict elemental damage or, alternatively, are susceptible to damage from a disaster, others explode, others fired from various weapons;