“We want players to be engaged 365 days a year”: Electronic Arts makes a statement about the future of Battlefield

Publisher Electronic Arts assumes that the next editions of the franchise Battlefield will be released every two years. At the same time, in the foreseeable future, the famous series of shooters may slightly change its format and support model – experts from EA hope to keep the audience steadily involved in their products.

The current head of Electronic Arts Andrew Wilson, who took part in the presentation of the quarterly financial report, spoke about the future of Battlefield.

The head emphasized that the Battlefield franchise should in many ways be viewed as a platform-service that will constantly offer something new.

“While we are really focusing on this plan [выпуск новых частей Battlefield каждые два года], but right now it’s more important to look at Battlefield as a separate service. The release of Battlefield 2042 marks the arrival of groundbreaking and innovative ideas that will completely redefine the gameplay experience.

In addition, we officially announced Battlefield Portal, which focuses on user-generated content and allows the audience to spend even more time on the project. There is also a Hazard Zone mode, which we have not yet covered in detail – this will happen in the next few months.

You need to understand that all this together forms the foundation on which the Battlefield service model will be built, which will later be expanded with a mobile release and free components, which will greatly change the perception of this franchise from launch to launch. [новых тайтлов]…

So even if a biennial release schedule is a smart decision, we also focus on keeping audiences engaged 365 days a year in a format that suits them and on a preferred platform, ”said Andrew Wilson.

According to internal research by Electronic Arts, Battlefield 2042 became the most talked about game on websites, forums and social media in June. Her trailers have collected over 210 million views in total.

Battlefield 2042 Global Launch Set To Take Place October 22, 2023

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