From the beginning, the game takes us to float freely. Traveling without apparent purpose. Some it may scare, someone on the contrary lure “the spirit of uncertainty.” Voice acting is not here, do not even have their own language, both Ico and The Last Guardian.

History is fed through the visual design of locations, puzzles and animated frescoes. This is quite enough. As you progress through each think out something of their own, one will understand, will not pay attention to something else.

All the same, the main storyline and the final simple but sad story quite clearly explain to the end.

The game is completely absent interface and navigation, but it’s not scary – it is very difficult to get lost in the RIME. Next you will have to conduct an incredibly cute fox and a mysterious man in a red robe. Quite common narrative devices, but this dumb concept it just out of place.

Review of RiME

Tower closer. Keyhole and lures. With every step, every breath salty air it approaches. Here and seagulls were left far behind. Green grass under their feet was replaced by dry red sand. Overweight mill idly twirl blades catching rare gusts. Ispepelyayusche desert sun shines brightly. It momentarily closes a huge membranous wing.

The game world consists of four unrelated scenic location: hilly island, deserted beach, deserted town and rainy maze. Each of them has its own style and musical accompaniment by composer David Garcia Diaz.

Not very complicated, but sometimes florid puzzles will not get bored, but do not bring into logical stupor. Everything is decided on the move, not the story of the stopper and move forward. There are mysteries in the future, the play of light, shade, balance and a classic of the genre for climbing around, hanging and poorly kept.

With an overall simplicity puzzles RiME sometimes surprising turns – which is the time from the dark labyrinth in which to move around, illuminating the path of his own cry. Yes, you heard right, the main element of interaction with the world – the cry of the boy.

Them he lights and torches and mechanisms starts. Quite a useful ability, is not it? You can also pay attention to the local collecting: the choice of children’s toys, pieces of posters, shells with music, costumes and keyholes, in which for some reason you need to look. Something to show you a piece of history, something as simple as please the eye, and new costumes you can run in familiar locations.

Review of RiME

Review of RiME

Columns thickly entwined with vines, huge halls are empty and half-filled with water. White as ivory, the city gives up slowly under the pressure of an impending natural. The boy timidly steps of gilded pavement, trying not to attract the attention of figures in black robes.

They lurk in the darkness. Watching every move. It is waiting for him to make a mistake and give himself. But on the side of the boy’s light.

Visually, the game looks very attractive: lightweight, almost cartoon island, extremely pleasant water, visually designated wind, the dust from under your feet.

The very main character on teenage angularity and clumsy, but not as a fellow of The Last Guardian, stumbling on each stone. They may well be controlled, and with a strong collision with something he comically falling on his back.

The world, though drawn, quite simply, yet replete with small details and references to the same games from Team Ico. Observant players will notice all your favorite little nimble lizards. Too bad you can not chase their tails. And about the mill, I do not say anything. Visual component – is something for which RiME wants to praise first.

Review of RiME

The sky was overcast thick dark clouds. Towers barely visible behind the impenetrable wall of rain. But she was there. A man in a red robe led him there. I wanted to show something. The boy followed him, trying to understand this place.

Find out why he was in this strange, nothing on a similar island. If he opens the ultimate goal of a long journey? Or it will be so endlessly wander in the dark void of the sky? And where is the little good fox, who all this time was accompanied by so quickly it? Is it possible that he had left the lost child?

If not in a hurry, the game can be completed in six hours, want poryskat in the bush in search of new clothes or keyhole – stay longer in this world. RiME does not bring absolutely nothing new to the genre, using the known gaming and narrative mechanics.

All of this we have already seen in games before it, but with the creation of the Tequila Works pleasant and interesting evening.

Review of RiME