NVIDIA registered trademarks HOPPER and AERIAL – Gambling

In November, the resource 3DCenter published article that the architecture of the new generation that appears after NVIDIA Amper will be called Hopper. This name is a reference to the name Grace Hopper. This is an American scientist and commodore of the US Navy, which is known for creating the first compiler for a programming language.
Now now appeared information that NVIDIA has registered two trademarks – Hopper and Aerial. It is assumed that the first refers to the new architecture. It is reported that these GPUs will receive a multi-chip layout.

Considering that this approach is already offered for companies by CPU Intel and AMD, it is logical that a multi-chip structure sooner or later will appear for the GPU. This will increase the performance of the graphics subsystem and improve the gaming, as well as professional aspects of the work.

As for Aerial, this is a software development kit for 5G networks with GPU accelerators. Thus, NVIDIA also wants to enter a new market for high-speed communications.

Data on the release dates of finished products yet.