Forgotton Anne

Review of Forgotton Anne

Somewhere far away, there is a rainy world in which all things that have ever been forgotten live. But they do not just lie in piles and do nothing.

They are alive, intelligent and lead a normal lifestyle for, for example, a table lamp or a sock: they work at a factory.

Go to bars, watch films … but at heart they want to return to their former owners.

And one day, Anne the baby finds herself in this world, which is found and adopted by the lord of the Forgotten Lands.

Lord Bonk, the old watchmaker, who turned out to be here because of progress: with the arrival of people in the world of newfangled gadgets about a mechanical watch.

They were simply forgotten, as well as about their once famous masters .

Bonku desperately tries to return to the real world and by the forces of the local population builds the Ethereal bridge, according to which he, Anne and the forgotten things – “forgetful ones”, should return home.

Ann also quickly absorbed and soon becomes his right hand and a kind of analogue of the local police – Watching, suppressing all cases of disobedience and insurrection.

As in any totalitarian state with a ruler in a high tower, there is a Resistance in this world.

Forgetful people who believe that not all things want to return to their owners and in general the venture with the bridge is extremely expensive and dangerous.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that not all the things of this world can get to the side of the Ether.

But only the “elite” with a special sticker, which can be obtained for long service under the lord Bonk.

Conflict of the working masses and discrimination is evident.

With this, and have to cope with Anne, or as it is called “Madam Lookout.”

And then one rainy morning in the plant there is an explosion. Bonku sends Anne to explore the situation: this is where our story begins.

In the investigation, Anne helps the wonders of the engineering thought of Lord Bonk .

The glove “Arka” and the growth mechanical wings.

The first one makes it possible to control the energy flows of the “anime”, and with wings it is easier to jump onto the high ledges and swing through the abysses.

The game is a classic platformer with all the already known attributes: simple spatial puzzles, light puzzles, jumps, exploration of hidden areas and communication with the inhabitants of Forgotten Lands.

Sometimes we are thrown up by storylines in the form of dialogues with two options for an answer, while clearly hinting that our choice will be important in the final of the game.

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The final really makes you think and analyze the decisions made.

But it’s unlikely to see any significant differences.

This game is not about the complexity of choice.

For this, for example, please go to the recent The Council , for which just the second episode has already been released.

Here, first of all, we are told a very personal and touching story about the losses and the hopes that accompany them.

What can I say: there’s really no way to die-even falling from the highest balcony, Anne will only utter a scream, full of pain and despair, but after a few seconds she’ll rise again. Everything in this game works for history. Go ahead – do not stop.

You’re really stuck here too infrequently.

I stalled only on two riddles, and even those who carefully studied the locations decided quickly.

The gameplay itself is moderately balanced, like the overall duration of the game.

But local beauties are so amazing that the game just does not have time to get bored.

However, sometimes Anne stumbles awkwardly and reluctantly gets to the places needed by the plot.

But this happens rarely and not in the most intense moments: be calm, all the plot chases are very clever.

The game focuses on the world itself, its content, characters, their reactions and dialogues. And with this she copes very well – at the level of a full-length cartoon.

Dialogues are written competently – listening to the characters is a pleasure.

Where there is a joke – you laugh, and the drama is not overly tearful, as in the recent.

“Decorate the farewell morning with the colors of the promise.”

I will only say that the developers did not hold out to the culmination: it turned out rather blurry.

Important events change each other too quickly, you do not have time to feel it.

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Quite usual situation in the game world. At the same time, each character is masterfully sounded – there are about 5 thousand voice files in the game.

Separately I want to mention the backdrops and animations of the characters.

Everything is insanely high … except for the animation of the hands.

The trouble of many artists! Well, that people here once or twice and obchelsya.

But each forgettable is animated in accordance with his.

If you can say so, anatomical features.

And Ann quickly runs on the roofs and jumps on the eaves.

And what kind of smart transitions between layers of locations – everything is so smooth and almost seamless!

In this game there is no intermediate loading, except for the initial.

So the feeling of the integrity of the picture does not leave until the very end.

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The charm of Forgotton Anne in simplicity, the game does not try to be anything more.

Tt’s just a soul-changing story.

But it is this simplicity that bribes, while managing unobtrusively to cover rather profound topics.

Seven (even if you are stalled), the hours fly by like one, and the final titles are about to begin.

In some places, of course, management is a little flawed, sometimes the puzzles are boring.

But these are trifles that do not hurt the general impression.

The game does not even want to find fault.

On Forgotton Anne it would be quite possible to go to the cinema.