Forza Motorsport 7

t is convenient not to forget it, because Turn 10 never does it and maybe it is the reason that it has a healthy state with a community that does not stop growing. Do you want to start mastering a driving game without having to be relegated to the arcade


? You can start with activated aids and even the new Super Easy driving mode . Little by little, go training and deactivating these aids as you improve, to find your place in the game. Meanwhile, the professional user will deactivating assists traction and stability and selecting the Simulation modeto meet that very personal style of Dan Greenaw


alt’s studio, which shows off his particular physiques and grip system already improved in the previous installment and that here are refined without major changes. We notice a tendency to the spectacular skid (which is even awarded with points), rather than the game of precision in braking and acceleration until the moment immediately before losing the grip, so if you l


ook for the total accuracy in the behaviors here you will not find it, taking into account also the immense amount of vehicles that are offered on this occasion. Therefore, it is not a pure simulation, but a refinement of the Forza formula that so many followers possess and that works like the first day.


Another one of Forza’s vanguards is the technological one. A graphic set-up that makes it one of the most colorful games and probably the most in the driving landscape to date. There is still something away from Xbox One X , where what we have tried out of For


za 7 looks impressive at native 4K and 60 frames per second, but since we still do not have the machine to our credit, our game sessions have been on an original Xbox One and a PC. The version for the original console is scandal. A stability and smoothness t

hat we would sign for any future game and a visual delight that shows in each track. From the flagship circuit of this delivery, the Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road in Dubai, to the tracks already known, the mime placed on every detail is notorious.


Forza 7 analyzes

The game creates beautiful prints on every curve when sunlight bathes the asphalt and climatic effects come into play.

More so are the climatological effectsand the reflections in track and cabin. When the sun sets and we see the reflection of the sunset on the wet asphalt, a picture is created that lasts a long time in the retina of any player, be more or less impression


able. Needless to say, the version of Xbox One hides some tricks up his sleeve to perform such a technical feat, with some reflectio


ns on the somewhat blurred windshield, or reducing the detail of the modeling of the vehicles whenever possible and where sometimes the trick is discovered . In any case, when the new effects of dynamic climatology come into play, so fashionable lately, in whi


ch the day gives place to the night; a totally clear sky happens to be encapped with intense rain; or the fog takes over the curves. The first few times it will not be weird to fall prey to a whiplash or a too-hurried brake simply for not ceasing to amaze you for how beautiful it is. It’s worth losing those races.


Forza 7 PC

Rolled, never worn

It is easy to enter the numerical battle and the comparison. Its 700 vehicles set the bar very high, although its 30 tracks (with separate variants, obviously) may be below what we usually see in these years and, frankly, what we would like. To the new highway of Dubai other old ones are united like the historical one of Brands Hatch, the Circuit of the Americas, the Hafeet Mountain Pass while also returns a favorite of Forza Motorsport 4 like the Autodromo of the Mugello, to mention some, but during the Forza Diriver’s Cup, the new career mode of the present delivery, once again has that feeling of repetition at some point, of returning again and again to the same location. Even more so when we think of the franchise itself, because the Dubai highway is the only new circuit that Forza Motorsport 7 brings to this thirty tracks with their variants.


Forza 7

Forza 7 PC

The presentation of the menus is clear and striking. It lets you play with the options while loading each circuit.

Variants that, on the other hand, are predefined. Like Forza 6 , do not expect to be able to choose the time of day and the type of progression in all circuits, since only some of them are open to these possibilities in free mode . Even so, the Forza Driver’s Cup is interesting enough to cover it from start to finish, with tests done so that you can see the possibilities of the new climate, as well as those of each type of vehicle and those of the circuits. The exhibitions return, where the rules of the game change from tests of resistance to the crazy test of bowling.


That changes? Perhaps the most notorious is the credit system (CR). While disabling aids and raising the difficulty of artificial intelligence has always been synonymous with a good credit multiplier, now these functions will not affect the economy, except the difficulty of the opponents. A decision somewhat difficult to understand because an extra income helped beginners to dare with something more difficult. Now, in fact, you can even get more credits by activating some help due to the mods. We intuit a new economic systemthat we still need to see something else roll out when extra features such as the tombola and the Forzathon are activated, but so far it depends much more on a practice that makes us raise our eyes a bit more: the prize boxes. Yes, the controversial system makes its debut in the series. At the moment, you can not buy CR with real money to spend it in boxes, but it has already been confirmed that Tokens will be available for this purpose.


Forza 7